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Motorola D650 Bluetooth Stereo Adapter For S9 Hd S9hd

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Great when using a treadmill


I am not the most tech savy 68 year old grandfather so it takes alot to convince me that some of the newer technology can be very useful I use the treadmill at my daughter's house to work out. While working out I like to use the wall mounted flat screen to watch DVDs. Since she works at home it bothers her that the volumn I need to work out and hear the video can be heard all throughout the house. Thus she suggested a nice Christmas present for me would be the Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. My first reaction was dubious. I was not sure if I could ever get the dogle and headset to work together. After alot of trial and error I was finally able to get them to work together. Wonderful! I can now place the TV on a low volumn, put on the headphones and enjoy my movie and workout without bothering the rest of the house. There are volumn controls on the headsets that allow for ease of hearing. The only down side I have experienced so far is the battery life. If I forget to charge the headset after a 2 hour movie they begin to beep indicating low charge three quarters through the next use. But that is more my fault than than the headset.



Motorola D650 Bluetooth Stereo Adapter For S9 Hd S9hd

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