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LG - Cell Phone

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Great price for a great long lasting phone


When I signed a 2 year contract 3 years ago I thought that the phone that I got for FREE would break in no time. I was very wrong about that. I still have my LG Phone and love it. I could go buy the lastest and greatest phone on the market but haven't really found a reason to. 3 years later and my phone still works like new.

Lewisburg, WV


Easy to use and listen too just about anywhere we've traveled


I've had my Verizon phone for almost two years and have had no trouble with it.  Easy to use almost anywhere we've traveled in the US.  The sound quality is great and I have never had a "dropped" call.  The picture quality is ok, but that is not what I use the phone for.  Basically it is for emergencies and a very quick chat.  That's all I need and this phone is great for that purpose.

Liverpool, NY


Great phone.....if you dont need a smart phone, or databook.


 The LG-G4015 is a great phone to use. I have had this phone previously, and loved it. I sadly had to upgrade due to a new job, but this phone lasted me a long time. If you simply need a phone to text, or call people...this is one to consider. Do not however consider this phone if you are in need of a smartphone, or PDA. But works great...never had any problems.

Harrisonburg, VA


LG phones have yet to bring me luck


I have owned two LG brand cell phones in the past year and both times I have experienced problems.  There is nothing wrong with the appearance or features, they just like to shut off whenever they feel like it. 

Fort Wayne, IN


LG - Cell Phone

4.0 4