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LG 60LD550 60 in. HDTV LCD TV

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This TV is remarkable once you know how to use it


My overall rating of 10 comes after a period of time. When we were in the market for a new TV for the living room I had planned on a 46 " TV to fit the room with a nice stand. My husband had other ideas. Being a sports nut, he wanted a TV that would how games and races up close. I was worried about cost and fitting in the condo. It was more than I wanted to spend especially when you included the stand but it did fit in the corner of the condo. Picture Quality Picture quality is excellent. There are several choices you have when you are setting up the TV that you can make the picture quality to your liking. Sound Quality Again. when you are setting up the TV you can select your sound choices and as the volume changes, like with commercials, etc., you can adjust them with your remote. Durability This is a very durable unit. This TV is on from 6 AM to 11 PM every day without fail. Design The unit looks good which is why I bought it. Performance As I mentioned, it's performance is fantastic. It is on 18 hours a day every day without fail.



Amazing picture. Just don't look at it from an angle


This T.V is really good at it's sound and customization but it looks really funny if you look at it from and angle of 60 degrees or less off of the T.V. It makes everything appear twice. Everything shows up really well and if it doesn't you can easily adjust the setting on the T.V for both sound and Audio quality. It's also easy to use with a surround sound system. Picture Quality Great as long as you are looking at in from the front. LED t.v's are not good if the show or movie you are looking at has anything to do with special effects. Sound Quality The sound coming out of this T.V is decent but it is a good bit better if used with a surround sound system. Durability Screen collects dust but it won't get any chips as long as you don't throw it down the stairs in rage about a football game. Design The T.V is mostly screen and not just plastic which looks nice. Performance It doesn't get very hot which is great if you are worried about your television taking up too much electricity. Also when T.V's get hot the screen can expand and eventually shatter which is something you don't need to worry about on this T.V



LG 60LD550 60 in. HDTV LCD TV

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