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LG 24.7 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator LMX25964ST

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Love this fridge!


This is a fantastic fridge for our busy family of five. We have two teens and a school age child in the house, and we love this fridge. We have owned it for two years and have no complaints. It is quiet, spacious and well-organized. Design There are two minor issues that I would change, but I knew both of them at the time I bought the fridge. Neither was a big enough issue to keep me from purchasing it. First, The ice dispenser offers cubes, but it does not offer crushed ice. Second, the opening for the glass or cup is smaller than I would like. I can fit all of my glasses under it, but some of our larger water bottles are too tall for the opening. Like I said, we still love the fridge. These are just things to keep in mind if they are a deal breaker for your family.



A great fridge TONS of space.


A really great fridge and freezer. Works perfectly. Love the flexibility of the fridge and the separate freezer drawers. I was against an external water dispenser because I felt like they were always dirty. For some reason its not the case with this one its almost always perfect looking. My negatives are: ~The freezer light cover comes off if you put a little too much in the freezer by accident. We got tired of fixing it so we just left it off. ~The water dispenser on the front door isn't big enough for our regular sized glasses. ~The ice maker capacity is very small. If we are having a party we start making ice days in advance and store it in the freezer. Interior Organization One of my favorite aspects of this fridge is the function of the space and how you can move shelves very easily. Ease of Cleaning I have 2 children with one more on the way and a husband who can't put anything back in the fridge where it belongs. We have open containers that spill and a huge Iced Tea dispenser that leaks. They all clean up with little to no effort. Design I've noted earlier that I'm not a fan of the small capacity of the ice maker, the height of the water dispenser is not large enough for regular glasses and the freezer light cover comes off/breaks regularly. I do LOVE the fridge design and its function with parties and events.

Barrington, IL


LG 24.7 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator LMX25964ST

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