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LG 23LS7D 23 in. HDTV LCD TV

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No problem what so ever.


I have no problem what so ever with this television, it is the first ever HDTV flat screen I ever had. The LG 23LS7D 23 in. HDTV LCD TV was the best available flat screen television at the time I was on a look out for one. Honestly I loved this television and had it for quite a good amount of time and with no issues or technical errors. The only reason I had to part ways with this one because I wanted a big, flat screen television for myself. This television in itself had so many features, it is as good as the current one I have (except for LED). Had I did not want to go for bigger television I was happy with this one and would have continued to have it forever. The screen resolution is good, plus I had HD channels, so it was extra awesome. I am not sure if this one is in the market now, else it is a good purchase worth the money, perfect for small houses or with big houses with guest rooms.



Excellent product


Excellent product with many features. Picture Quality The picture is sharp and bright. You have several picture types to choose from. Vivid picture, sports, movie, standard, game, and expert 1 or 2. Sound Quality I love the sound. You can change the sound according to what type of show you are viewing. You can choose standard, music, cinema, sport or game. Design Nice slim design.

Waldorf, MD


LG 23LS7D 23 in. HDTV LCD TV

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