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Kodak - EasyShare C663 Digital Camera

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This is a nice camera for any age


I purchased this particular camera without really knowing too much information on it or any of the features that it was capable of. I had an older camera that had gotten dropped a few too many times and decided to quit working for me and with my love for taking pictures for almost every event in my life I needed another camera that was a decent price right away.  I purchased this one on a popular shopping network a few years ago just because it was such a great deal seeing as how it was offered with a little kodak printer as well. I can't really say much about the printer since I've used it maybe four times since I have gotten them, but I realized that the camera alone was a great buy. It too has been victim of my constant camera dropping, but it has withstood it with a few minor dings on the paint. Its still works great and is very simple to use. There are neat lighting features you can use if you are taking pictures in a weird lighting and a video feature as well.

Villamont, VA


Batteries die very fast, always have to edit the pictures


This camera is not bad if you like to replace batteries every other day. Always have to edit to fix little details. I would not tell anyone to buy this one. I do like the look and price but the quality could be 10 times better for the price.

Boscobel, WI


Can't beat the redeye


I really like having a digital camera, and it is simple to follow the directions to upload the software to the computer, and just as simple to download and sync camera and computer.  BUT, I have to edit nearly every picture, even with the red eye reducer function on (which REALLY runs down the batteries), to fix red eyes.

Ash Grove, MO


Good pics, bad battery life.


This camera takes good pictures. Only bad thing is that you have to constantly change the batteries, even if they are rechargeable ones. Only thing you can edit on camera is cropping. No red-eye fix or any other editing options. For the most part it is a good camera, if the battery life was longer.

West Jordan, UT


Kodak - EasyShare C663 Digital Camera

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