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French Door Refrigerators
Kenmore Elite Trio French Door Refrigerator

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The french door experience!


The fresh food on top sounded odd to us at first, but we REALLY like it. This refrigerator is very easy to clean on top, slightly hard to clean in the freezer compartment, but how often does anyone need to clean the freezer? We simply pull out the shelf & bin-food and all-and set them on the counter for a few minutes. The bending over to the freezer takes a bit of getting used to, but overall we think it's well worth it to have easy access to the things we use the most in every day. The ice maker is very good. You must use a filter if one is not supplied. The hardness deposits in the maker and will interfere with the ice production...most ice makers are the same, by the way. Noise Level Unit is nice and quiet. You will hear the water fill the ice tray after a clunk when the prior load drops, but it is nice to hear it working correctly, to give plenty of ice even on hot days. Interior Organization plenty of ways to configure the shelves to suit larger items like trays, or roasts. Temperature Control Digital temp control works well. Ease of Cleaning Literally everything comes out of the interior of the refrigerator for a good cleaning...all you need to do in the freezer is lift out the shelf and bin, you will need to be on your knees to clean the freezer back and floor to reach everywhere, the finish is very smooth and cleans well. Exterior is the same, very easy to clean the textured surface, the insulation is good quality and will hold up to the pressure of regular cleaning in the grooves. Durability I say "good" here but I have a feeling it will ultimately be "very good".

Bakersfield, CA


Very attractive, but not as practical as I would like.


First of all, I love the Kenmore Elite refrigerator.  Now second, I despise this Kenmore Elite refrigerator.  LOL!  Let me explain... It's really beautiful and I love having the freezer on the bottom.  It is much easier to use than the side-by-side design and more practical than having the freezer on top.  I also really like the fruit and veggie drawers.  They are deep and wide, and the front of the drawer where the handle is actually tilts out so you can access small items without pulling out the entire drawer.  (I use it for things I have already cut and now were in a ziplock bag... leftover sliced tomato, the other half of the onion, the remaining cloves from the bulb of garlic, etc.)  I also love how the ice maker is in the door inside of the refrigerator.  (I know... ice in the fridge!!!  But it works somehow.)  When you open the door to the fridge, there is an small door inside on the exterior door.  You open it and wha-la!  There is a nice sized bucket full of ice!  And there are 3 different sizes to pick from for the ice cubes.  All of the controls are on the exterior in the panel that houses the ice and water dispensers.  All of it is electronic and digital. Now for the cons...  The ice/water dispenser is not tall enough for nearly all of our gups and/or glasses.  We had to put our finger in behind the cup/glass to press the button while keeping the cup/glass at the right angle so it would catch whatever we were dispensing.  Also, the spacing between the shelves inside the fridge is not practical.  You can barely fit a 2-liter of soda on the top shelf and the spacing on the lower shelves is even worse.  The interior light is NOT recessed.  It extends from the top into the space for storing your items and it is not small either.  It goes across the front taking up about 1/3 of that space, so if you have milk and OJ or whatever to the side so it can fit (thanks to the light!), when you go to put the large bottle of ketsup in you have to tilt it to the side and hope that you can pull it out later once the kids put stuff in there in front of it!  Also, the water filter, which is very easy to change out, extends into the space available for the top shelf.  It's cylindrical and in the upper left corner, but it extends almost to the front of the fridge.  You can only put smaller things on that side (pickles, jelly, etc.).  And just so you know... I have the big one... 35 3/4 (w), 34 1/4 (d), 69 3/4 (h). And finally, neither a pro nor con, just FYI...  the front is not magnetic; however, the sides are. I finally got used to it, but I'm still not completely satisfied.  They need to make a couple of adjustments before it will be just right.

Elkview, WV


Not as convenient as I thought


I purchased this Kenmore Trio with other Kenmore appliances when I renovated my Kitchen over a year ago.  The design of the refrigerator is very nice and it looks great in the kitchen.  I got this version in Black and it only has water dispenser and not icemake as the icemake takes up part of the refrigerator section and I didn't want to loose that.  I am glad I made that choice as someone I know got the model that has the ice and water dispenser and it really does eat up a lot of room from that section. I do feel that it is a good thing that I also purchased a chest freezer for my basement when I got this Trio.  The freezer section isn't really that roomy and it is a little awkward with some areas that swoop at the bottom of the drawer.  This makes it difficult to keep things flat.  ie.  putting a cup of anything liquid in there either to freeze it or cool it down. I have also had some difficulty with the freezer producing icing by the tilt door. (another great feature is the tilt door on the freezer where you can put grap-type (icecream bars, frozen vegs) and just tilt the freezed without pulling the drawer out.) But I like the product a lot and am happy with my choice.

Suffern, NY


Kenmore Elite Trio French Door Refrigerator

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