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Kenmore 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher 13869 / 13864 / 13862

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SO loud!


We have lived in our house for about eight months and in that time we have had three different dishwashers. This was number two and it lasted in our house for less than a month. It got the dishes clean just fine, but it was unbelievably LOUD! Our first floor is very open so I would expect that I may hear almost any dishwasher to an extent but this one was ridiculous. Not only did it make it hard to talk on the phone in the kitchen or hear the TV in the family room I could hear it in our bedroom (upstairs) and our den (in the basement). Other than that it wasn't a bad dishwasher, but I honestly don't know if even having a closed kitchen would buffer the noise. It got our dishes perfectly clean 99% of the time (half of the 1% may have been because of less than stellar teenager rinsing/loading skills). I really wouldn't recommend this dishwasher because of the noise factor but if you run your dishwasher when no one is home or have a really big house with a closed kitchen it would probably be just fine.



Quiet yet efficient


I am pretty pleased with this dishwasher. I wish the bottom rack was a little more friendly with the rack set up. I feel it limits you on how much you can add to get washed. But i do think it cleans my pots, dishes, bottles, cups, and silverware pretty well

Portland, OR


Very quiet running washer.


This washer does very good at cleaning and is very quiet while running. I feel very confident that my dishes will be clean when the cycle is complete. I like the way the dishes can be stacked up and still get cleaned when I return home.

Butler, KY


Never a problem...


The dishwasher looks great. It's not loud, and it gets my dishes clean. What more can you ask for? I like the selectioin of settings, and enjoy being able to use to sterilize items for my infant son. I would highly recommend this product.

State College, PA


not too impressed


This dishwasher is not bad to look at and looks nice in my kitchen - however, other than looks, it is not too impressive. This dishwasher is only 2 years old and has had to be serviced a few times (it is not even used on a daily basis - maybe 3-4 times per week). It is getting noisier every time I use it and takes over 2 hours to complete just a regular washing cycle (this does not include drying time!). Also, despite the long washing time, it is not cleaning our dishes well at all. I have tried several different types of detergent in this machine and even a "de-spotting additive liquid" but the dishes still look spotted and are often even still dirty with food after being washed. Noise Level getting noisier every time I use it Cleaning Time takes over 2 hours...this does not include the dry portion of the cycle Loading Flexibility this machine does hold alot of dishes and allows room to load the dishes as you like Performance doesn't clean effectively every time - often leaves spots and food particles Design looks nice in my kitchen

Raleigh, NC


Kenmore 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher 13869 / 13864 / 13862

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