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JVC GZ-MS120 Flash Media Camcorder

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Perfect Family Camcorder


I received my JVC GZ-MS120 Flash Media Camcorder as a gift seven years ago. In the years since, I've gotten married and had three kids so I've understandably gotten a ton of use out of my camcorder. I set it up on a tripod to record our wedding ceremony, then my family and friends passed it around at the reception. It's been used for baby first steps, vacations and everything in between. I love the size. It's very portable, without being so small that it'll get lost in my purse or the diaper bag. The screen is a good size too and very convenient for reviewing footage. The battery life could use improvement but I bought a spare battery and an external charger so I don't have much to complain about. The video quality is flawless. I laugh when friends and family see my videos online and ask me what model cell phone I use. I guess I'm old-school but I appreciate quality and I want to preserve my family's memories forever.



JVC GZ-MS120 Flash Media Camcorder

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