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Intimate Vitamin E Body Lotion

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makes my hands more youthful


Intimate Vitamin E Lotion Extra Healing is what my grtandmother would call an off brand product. Because it is not a well known name brand, Intimate Vitamin E Lotion Extra Healing states on the bottle that it heals and softens dry skin. I have no complaints about Intimate. It works just as well an many other lotions. It does soften the skin. And with continued use skin stays moist. I did notice that with the first application my hands looked smoother and younger. So the extra healing is definately in the bottle. Even Cocoa Butter did not make my hands smoother and younger looking. I did not like that my hands betrayed my age but now it seems I can even turn back the hand of time with Intimate Vitamin E Lotion on my hands. Intimate comes in a 20 oz. bottle which is a bonus of 25% more than other lotions. So you do get more lotion for your money. Intimate smells like Jergens lotion which is a very good scent.

Roanoke, VA


Intimate Vitamin E Body Lotion

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