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Hooked On Phonics
Hooked On Phonics Kindergarten

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A great way to get your kids excited about learning


I purchased this set for my four year old who is in preschool.  Both her teacher and I felt like she was ready to start reading, but there were limitations in preschool that prevented them from working with her too much on her reading skills.  I had tried to teach her to sound out words, but she would just get frustrated with me and that was the last thing I wanted her to do. I pulled out the workbook and we started at the beginning.  I didn't use the CDs but followed the directions that were outlined in the workbook.  She caught on immediatly and the first night we did three different lessons and she read the first book.  She was so proud of herself, she could hardly stand it.  I admit that I was pretty proud as well.  She is moving along through the workbook and I am amazed at her progress.  It is  so nice to have a system rather than me pulling out words and helping her to sound them out.   

Salt Lake City, UT


I use this as a supplement.


My son is learning to read in school and does not have any problems with learning.  However, I bought this item to help him learn.  It comes with CDs that children can listen to and a CD-ROM that childrem can use to play games.  Also included, are 2 sets of books, a paper game board, and a book with letters, letter sounds, words, word sounds, and stories to help them learn the sounds and words.  My son is in 1st grade and as part of his homework, has to read for 10 minutes each night.  I used the books for his reading homework.  Repetition helps a child.  Reading the same books helps him to learn the words quicker.

Parkville, MD


This product really works and makes reading fun!


I purchased this product for my 5 year old daughter as she was entering kindergarten.  We have completed the first few lessons and she has gone from being frusterated about words she doesn't recognize to trying to sound them out.  She has advanced to the top reading group in her kindergarten class in just one marking period.  I love that this product offers her the variety of audio, visual and hands-on play.  The CD Rom that accompanies this product is interactive, fun, and encouraging.  My daughter really likes working with this program.  My parents were so impressed with her progress they purchased the software for my nephew who is also in kindergarten and purchased the 1st grade edition for my daughter when she completes the kindergarten level. The confidence for reading this product has given her is priceless!!  

Lakeland, FL


Hooked On Phonics Kindergarten

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