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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Stack and Snap 10-Cup Food Processor

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Works great


I got the 12 cup version of this and it works great!! I cannot say enough nice things about this food processor. My only complaint is that the water gets trapped in the handle in the dishwasher. But, it also dries, so it's not the end of the world.

Brandon, FL


Love it!


I really like this food processor, which replaced an aging and wheezy old machine in my kitchen. I'm not sure I would have chosen if for myself, but it was a gift from my daughter. Recent dental work has left me unable to chew, and the machine has been a lifesaver, I've shredded and chopped to my heart's content, resulting in food that I can manage to eat (and not mind the taste and texture of!) Along the way, I've discovered a few of its quirks. The most annoying is the tendency for finely chopped food, whether raw or cooked, to pack up under the chopping blade, resulting in a LOT of suction holding the blade down, requiring a fair amount of force to extract the blade and clean the machine. I also have to somewhat pre-cut any raw veggies that I want chopped ultra fine, which is no different than my old machine. Outside of that, I really like this machine. It's a lot easier to assemble/unassemble than the type you have to lock each piece into place in the exact right order, etc. It also cleans up fairly easily when hand washed, although I do use a bottle brush to get at some points in the assembly. Power It has never even wheezed through raw veggies or mixing anything. Safety You can't turn the machine on until it's all assembled correctly.

Moss Point, MS


Not the best, but not the worst


Ever tried making bread crumbs with a rolling pin? I have. It is messy and time consuming. So I decided I needed a food processor. My husband bought me the Hamilton Beach Stack and Snap 10-Cup Food Processor. It is a simple small appliance that does what a food processor is suppose to do...nothing extra, nothing less. It has a blade attachment that is used for making things such bread crumbs, pesto,etc. It also has a grater attachment so you can shred foods such as cheese or you can flip over the attachment and do slices. I've made bread crumbs and I've shredded cheese with the food processor so far. it makes excellent bread crumbs. So quick and effortlessly. It works well for shredding cheese though sometimes the smaller pieces of cheese get stuck on top and don't end up shredding. I do think this food processor is a bit loud, but not so loud that you don't want to use it. The only problem I had with mine was that a plastic part came unglued from the nut on the bottom of the container, but it just pops back one and works fine. A side note for this processor is that I don't think it would be a good one to make dough, such as pie crust, in. I think this is a decent food processor for its price range and would recommend it to others that are thinking of buying it.

Potts Camp, MS


Hamilton Beach Stack and Snap 10-Cup Food Processor

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