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HEB Strong-Strips Bandages

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HEB Strong-Strips Come With a Warning!


You'll be warned on the back of the Strong-Strips package-- " Not intended for use on delicate or sensitive skin."Believe them; this is the most adhesively adhering bandage I've ever used. It's a battle to remove it when the time comes. When I finally got an edge loose, and pulled it off, it left a layer of adhesive on the skin of my thumb and the thumbnail, too. It claims to be made of extra sturdy fabric. This is also true. The bandage is made of visibly thick fabric which is latex free. It is slightly larger than a regular bandage (3 1/4 inches by 1 inch) and seals well around the gauze pad to protect the wound. These bandages are very flexible and comfortable to wear, although they're not the prettiest. They appear every bit as heavy duty and thick as they're advertised to be, rather like a granny wearing heavy cotton stockings. Remember that HEB Strong-Strips are NOT for delicate skin. I'm not going to use them except on my fingers or hands. I'd be afraid I'd get skinned trying to remove them. Removing the remaining adhesive could be painful, too.

Bremond, TX


HEB Strong-Strips Bandages

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