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George Foreman
George Foreman Slide-Temp Grill GR180V

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The George Foreman Grill is a great addition to the kitchen.


The George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Machine is a great for grilling indoors. When living in an apartment, you sometimes don't have anywhere to grill at home. Anyone can enjoy an at home bar-b-que in the comfort of your own kitchen. It's small enough to fit on your kitchen counter with extra room to spare. You don't need to worry about the size because it cooks many foods with half the time. The dual heat and adjustable latches makes cooking ribs, chicken, and steaks hassle free. It has a variable temperature control to grill anything from vegetables to meats all the way through. The grill is slanted and comes with drip trays so you can enjoy food with less fat.  The non-stick surface lets the grease just roll down. The non-stick surface also makes clean up a breeze. Just soap and water are needed with little effort. There's no reason to scrub your elbows off. It comes with two spatulas and two dip trays that are dishwasher safe. There's nothing bad to say about this grill.

Denver, CO


George Foreman Let's Me Grill Like My Man In Less Time


My mother-in-law gave us the perfect gift, **The George Foreman Healthy Grill,**  for Christmas.  All Summer I would rely on my husband to barbecue our favorite steaks outdoors.  Now I can make delicious, juicy steaks indoors on my own.  It just takes a few moments to preheat the grill.  Unlike the original George Foreman's; this model has a slide temperature to heat at the precise gage.  The booklet enclosed in the package gives you an idea of what level you should be cooking your meat at and for how long.  Since this grill is two sided, most meats are done under ten minutes.  Talk about a life saver for people on the run.  I was amazed how fast it does cook and than to top that, how delicious the meal turns out.  I love that I could easily fit 4 nice sized steaks on the grill plate.  I got them all done in less than six minutes.  This appliance is so simple to use.  There are two drip plates which catch the fat from the food.  That's why it's named the Healthy Grill.  After use, wait til the grill cools down and wipe clean.  I can't wait to try hamburgers, fish and chicken on my new  grill.  I highly recommend. 

Fort Gratiot, MI


George Foreman Healthy Cooking Grill is Terrific!


The George Foreman Healthy Cooking indoor electric grill is a terrific buy.  With a temperature control slide on the outside of the grill, you can grill just about anything you want.  From a grilled cheese sandwich to a steak or even vegetables, this grill cooks at just the right temperature to make your food good and good for you.  The drip tray fits nicely at the bottom of the grill to help you avoid messes and the upper and lower grill plates are easy to clean.  This grill comes with 2 drip trays and 2 spatulas so that you can use your grill even if one set has not yet been cleaned.  The drip tray and spatula are also dishwasher safe.  There is a preheat indicator light that helps when cooking as it is best to preheat the grill to the desired temperature before you begin to cook.  The user manual includes cooking times and temperature settings that help you get started with cooking good food right away. 

Blountville, TN


George Foreman Slide-Temp Grill GR180V

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