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Garnier Nutritioniste Eye Renewal

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Glad I didn't buy it--useless!


My sweet daughter loves to share. This time she decided to share a product that didn't work for her, but she thought I might like to try it...just in case. Well, I'm much older than her (60) and I have the typical old-age puffiness and saggy skin around my eyes. The Garnier product should work perfectly for this. Or so it says. I used it for about a week with nothing to show for it except twitchy, sticky skin. It goes on really sticky, which -- I suppose -- is to help create the appearance of tighter skin. Well, it does appear so somewhat. But, it doesn't last. It also doesn't reduce the puffiness under my eyes for more than 30 minutes (or so). Additionally, the caffeine in this product makes my eyes twitch a bit. Weird. Absorption This product does not absorb into the skin. It stays on top like a sticky reminder of what not to use on your face. Doesn't Clog Pores It is non-comedogenic, so it doesn't clog pores. But, it does seal them for a while. Effectiveness I wish there was a zero I could give this product. It is the worst skin care product I've ever tried. My daughter gave it to me because it didn't work for her and I gave it to another friend. It didn't work for her either.

Davis, CA


It's okay, not a huge difference


I have bought this product a few times. There are some things I really like about it. It's easy to use. I like the roll on applicator. It's refreshing. I like to put it under my eyes every morning after washing my face, before I apply makeup. It's pleasant feeling and does not irritate the skin. On the down side of things, it doesn't make a huge difference in my appearance. I tend to get puffy bags under the eyes and dark circles. It only helps a little bit with the puffiness. I don't have any prominent wrinkles but do have some not too deep "crows feet". I apply this to that area too. Maybe it makes a difference, maybe it doesn't. If it does, it's difficult to tell. The product is gentle and I have never had a problem with it irritating my sensitive skin. Absorption It absorbs relatively fast. It does not seem to take too long to dry upon application. Doesn't Clog Pores This product goes on feeling clean and is not heavy. It does not clog my pores. Effectiveness It's okay. It's refreshing and maybe makes a small difference. I use it daily before applying makeup. Don't expect a drastic change but maybe a slight improvement.



Not terrible, but there are better products for the price.


I have only used this product in conjunction with the anti-puff eye roller. So I can only speak to a combined result. My primary concerns were dark circles and crows feet. I have notice a small reduction in my dark circles. It does seem to provide some cool relief to the under eye area, but I don't think it provides as much as the skin tightening as other brands I have used. It does not have the same burning sensation when applied some brands do, which is good, but also makes me think it is not works as well. For the money the anti puff roller is a pretty good deal, but I think there are better eye creams out there at this price point. Absorption You have to rub in and it kind of lays on the skin instead of absorbing.

Farmington, IL


Like this little pick me up in the a.m.!


I hesitated trying the Garnier Eye Renewal, but after hearing someone rave about it thought I'd try it. I immediately liked it and have made it part of my beauty regime. I love the fact that the lotion goes on so light and found it to be cool and soothing. Only recently did I notice dark circles under the eye. I have to say since using this I do think they are improving and less noticeable. I will continue to use this product on a regular basis, and gotta love Garnier coupons which keep it affordable!

Ellwood City, PA


The Garnier age defing lotion was light and not greasy when a


I was not sure if this product would really work based on the advertisements I has seen in the magazines. I tried it and was truly amazed at how smoothly it went on  I went on without leaving a greasy film and actually de-puffed under my eyes as they state. For the money it is an excellent buy

Phillipsburg, NJ


Okay for budget-conscious beauty beginners, but save your money


Since I'm looking at the other side of my 20s, I'm just hitching onto the anti-aging bandwagon, and I knew my eyes would be a focal point, especially since I love my eyes. All the eye creams out there (there are so many for different reasons! Huh?) simply overwhelms me. I decided to go a more affordable route and with a brand that I have enjoyed in the past: Garnier. Sure, it was their shampoos and conditioners, but I'm sure the cream in the electric green tube would leave me just as pleased. It does. Sort of. It takes a long time to absorb, so it just sits there under my eyes like grease. If I rub it in or wipe it off, I will irritate delicate skin. When it finally absorbs, my skin is thirsty for more. Now my eyes are cream junkies just looking for a fix. The outer corner of my eyes get cracked, itchy, and irritated. I don't want to keep applying the cream because a) it was pricey (although affordable in the world of eye creams) and b) the cycle would just continue anyway. So I just sit, hold my resistance to itch as much as I possibly can, and wait until I can reapply it either at night or in the morning. For pluses, my eyes are a little brighter and the skin more resilient, but my undereyes are still purplish and the shininess makes have to apply more makeup to cover them, so it makes it a bit counterproductive. Fairly disappointed. Definitely going to do some research and even spend a few more bucks on a better product.

Ellington, CT


These products never work!


Garnier naturaliste anti-puffiness eye renewer is a waste of money and effort.  I always have these dark circles under my eyes no matter how much sleep I get, so I always look tired and hungover.  I have to admit I have tried differnet make up sticks to cover up the dark circles, but it is too much trouble to do on a regular basis of daily grooming and, well, I feel stupid applying makeup. So when I saw this eye-renewer advertised, I wanted desperately to believe their claims of complete improvement in 2 weeks.  The stuff is attractively packaged in the bright green garnier motif.  It's a bit expensive, but I was able to find it 50% (that should have been my first clue that something was up), It's easy to apply, has no noticable odor, is clear and thin, kind of like water going on and dries almost instantly.  I was so hopeful.....and so let down.  After a month of following the instructions carefully, I had to admit that I had been had.  I said it went on like water, well it was just about as effective.  No improvement whatsoever.  

North Hollywood, CA


Garnier Nutritioniste Eye Renewal

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