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GE Profile PSS27SGN (26.6 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator

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overall a great refrigerator


Overall what a great refrigerator. I searched the different websites for best refrigerator before i made my purchase. After getting my refrigerator, It is a great looking refrigerator with lots of great extras. I love how easy it is to clean. The shelves have a small lip so if something is spilled it prevents from being spilled throughout the other shelves. The outside is not great with fingerprints but I found that there are wipes you can buy just for stainless steel and they work great. I really like the adjustable shelving in both the refrigerator and the freezer side. There is a great drawer inside the refrigerator for produce that keep the moisture out so it last longer. Also there is meat drawer that had a separate temperature setting to keep meat cooler than the rest of refrigerator. There is a bin and shelves in freezer that includes an instant freeze so if you need something cold fast you put on the shelf and it cools down fast. Great for wine too. The water and ice on outside is so very handy. The ice bin also comes out when you need lots of ice at one time. I have had mine for several years now without any problems whatsoever and hope to continue using for many more. Interior Organization So many different ways to make adjustments to shelves and even the bins in the door can be adjusted. Ease of Cleaning Great on inside of refrigerator but harder on outside to hide fingerprints if you have stainless steel.



GE Profile Side by Side Review


It is a very attractive refrigerator. It is a nice size, it has nice sized shelves and drawers and the ice maker and water dispenser are very attractive. The ice maker shoots the ice cubes out, which is annoying, so we have learned to tilt the glass up high and find that that solves the problem with this issue. The refrigerator is a bit noisy and so is the ice maker, but not too awful bad. The shelves are adjustable and the levels you can use are very good. The shelves are glass so it is easy to clean. The door shelves are closed so no leaking or having something fall through the bottom can occur. It really is a good refrigerator. Solidly built and attractive. Noise Level The ice maker and the motor is a bit noisy, but not to the point where it is annoying. Interior Organization Good amount of space and shelves and drawer are adjustable and in good areas. Temperature Control It says normal temp is 5 for refrigerator and 5 for freezer. Those settings are much too cold. I was getting frozen milk. 3 for refrigerator and 2 for a full freezer works the best. Ease of Cleaning Easy access for cleaning and keeping things clean. Durability Have had for 3 years and is still in excellent condition. Design Good design, good shelf placement.

Naugatuck, CT


High end look at a lower price


This is a nice looking refrigerator at an affordable price. I like the amount of space it has and it is easy to figure out the features. The only problem is that the bottom shelf in the refrigerator door constantly falls off dropping it's contents onto the floor and the plastic cover for the butter shelf of the door falls off constantly too and has cracked. The freezer space is adequate and holds a good amount of food, the ice and water dispenser is very convenient and easy to use. The stainless steel design matches my decor well and I am mostly satisfied with my purchase. Noise Level I have not noticed any excessive noise with this product Interior Organization I am mostly satisfied with the way this refrigerator is organized Temperature Control The temperature control is easy to operate Ease of Cleaning It is easy to clean this refrigerator and remove parts as needed Durability Aside from some of the shelves in the door this is a durable refrigerator Design I like the design, look and style of this refrigerator.

Rockmart, GA


The Arctica


The Arctica refrigerator has its pros and cons. I would have to say the first pro is that being over 5+ years old, it still works. The 26.6 cu ft. is perfect for smaller families. The refrigerator has just enough shelving that can be adjusted or removed if needed. There are three adjustable glass drawers with deli fresh, fresh produce, and custom cool. The fresh produce drawer has humidity control which is great for certain produce. Having the glass shelving is great for clean ups. The freezer has 3 tilt-out freezer storage bins which are great for organizing. The freezer side has SmartWater dispenser with LightTouch. The dispenser has several buttons which include a door sensor alarm and quick ice option. The door sensor is great if you have children that may forget to close the fridge or freezer all the way. My first con about the Arctica would be the fan noise you start to hear as the fridge get older. I do not feel that the water from the dispenser is cold enough even on different temperature setting. The quick space slide on one of the refrigerator shelves does not always stay forward. The reason I say that the Arctica is perfect for smaller families is because the freezer side is rather small. While I do like the side by side doors, I prefer the fridge on top, freezer on bottom setup. Overall, I rate the Arctica a four and do not believe I will be replacing it any time soon. Noise Level Certain parts of the refrigerator gets noisy as the fridge gets older. Interior Organization Better for smaller families. Temperature Control Great digital settings. Ease of Cleaning Glass shelves are easier to clean. Durability Be careful of the glass shelves and some of the plastic parts can breaks easily. Design Would prefer a larger freezer.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


GE Profile PSS27SGN (26.6 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator

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