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GE Electric Dryer GTDN500EMWS

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GE appliances are the best, I know this dryer will last!


This GE dryer is stylish & efficient. I love buying GE appliances, because I know they will last. It is very important to me that my clothes are not wrinkled or torn from frequent use. Because I have a family, I tend to wash several loads of laundry each day. Thankfully, this GE dryer doesn't feel hot on the outside and I do not feel the steam escaping from the dryer. It is very easy to use, and the lint can be easily removed. I have never had a complication with this dryer, and I feel confident in my purchase. I plan to buy GE appliances in the future due to this experience, and also because of previous purchases of GE products. They are affordable and reliable.

Elk Grove, CA


Good choice when buying a dryer


We have the hookup needed for either a gas or electric dryer but in our area it cost less to operate a gas unit.. This particular dryer is a good choice for the size of the tub, and what I like is that the clothes are not wrinkled and that clothes dries evenly. The cost of unit is on the lower end of the scale which I certainly appreciated. Load Capacity Even when I do an over-sized load of clothes or lots of towels, they comes out practically wrinkle free. Towels are fluffy and look new. I love this feature. Performance Dries a load of clothes quickly, even my bath sheet towels and I can put them away before the next is finished washing. Clothes seem to look new longer. Ease of Use This unit is so simple to operate that even the kids can help. Durability I haven't had any issues or problems with this unit and I would recommend any sized family consider this machine when getting a dryer. Design The lint filter is a little bit of a challenge but not really any different than any other dryer that I have had. The key is to clean it each time you use the machine.

Peoria, AZ


Great investment!


We bought this dryer to replace our old dryer that finally gave out after 12 years. We previously owned a GE dryer and loved it. If it had not gave out we never would of replaced it we loved it so much! This dryer has been another great GE product. This dryer works wonderfully. We normally run it on the permanent press cycle. It drys very effectively. There have only been a few times when I have had to run the dry cycle twice. That was mostly because I had overfilled the washing machine. The clothes always come out very crisp after watching them on the permanent press cycle. The lint compartment is very easy to clean on this machine. We have once pulled the lint compartment out and vacuumed it from the back of the dryer as a yearly cleaning process. There was no lint in the back of the dryer so it made me feel good that the lint compartment works good. I like the options for the different dry cycles on this machine. We also got a good deal on it when we bought it. Since our dryer was so old we were able to trade it in and get this new one since it had a higher efficiency rating than our old machine. I have not seen an increase or decrease in the electricity bill. Overall we have been very pleased with this dryer and I use it at least 5 times a week!



takes the guess work out of drying time with sensor dry.


owned it for only one month, but I like the wrinkle care cycle, so you can put your ironing board away. Load Capacity good for large and x-tra loads especially. Performance has the sensor dry so you don't have to estimate time, it does it for you. Ease of Use simple to operate, nothing confusing. quiet and easy load. Durability haven't owned for long time, so I can't estimate its durability yet. Design easy care, wipes clean.

Belleville, NJ


GE Electric Dryer GTDN500EMWS

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