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Frownies for Mouth and Corners of Eyes 144 pads

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Fun to use frownies!


I ordered Frownies to give them a shot after I had read about them  They offer a very different way to combat facial wrinkles.  No creams or lotions, just heavy paper with glue on one side,  These are applied to the sides of the mouth to let the muscles relax.  Manufacturer suggests that they should be worn over night-but there is no way I could ever sleep with these stuck to my face.  You do see some wrinkle removal but no more than other products that address wrinkle reduction.

Easthampton, MA


They work pretty good


I decided to try the frownies for the lines and sagginess around the mouth area. They work pretty good,not bad at all. I noticed a real improvement in a deep crease on the left side of mouth. They look ridiculous, husband laughed, thought I was crazy for buying into this. But they do work, my crease in one night was smoothed out. just one night. It stayed smooth for most of the day. My face really looked better. So I will continue to use to see if there is more improvement, but even if it improves it a little, it's worth it. All the night creams, day creams, arent' giving me the results the frownies are giving me. They work better than the creams. How bout that. Give them a try. Yes, they aren't the most comfortable, look dumb, you have to apply your night cream around the patch, because it will come loose. But I sleep in them on my side, they don't hurt my skin taking them off. I use the Rose water on mine, love that stuff. But honestly, your cheating yourself if you don't at least try them, give it time, it's not an overnight thing, but you will indeed see improvment overnight in most cases.

Cleveland, TX


Frownies for Mouth and Corners of Eyes 144 pads

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