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Estee Lauder
Estee Lauder Lipstick and lip gloss

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The lipstick did not live up to its claims.


This lipstick states it's long lasting. The sales lady said it would last 24 hours and would not come off during eating and /or activities of a regular day. The color I chose, Melon, is lovely, but will come off if you even lick your lips a bit. I was so disappointed and would not recomend it to anyone. The sad thing is that the color is just great, but what can you do when it disappears in no time flat!

Kenner, LA


Estee Lauder Long Lasting Lipstick - true to its name


I have been using Estee Lauder's Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Sugar Honey (Number 183) for about two years now. It is my favorite lipstick of all times. This was the first Estee Lauder lipstick (in Sugar Honey) I tried and its the only one I have been buying since. I wear it everyday. Its moisturizing and goes on smoothly. It doesn't dry out the lips and create those weard lines like some other lipsticks. I put it on every morning before leaving for school. If my day is short I wear it alone, and if my day is at least six hours long then I put a gloss over it to make it last even longer. And to make it to the end of the evening I use a chapstick or a lip balm underneath to keep it in place longer.

Tacoma, WA


Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick, Must Have!


This lipstick is a must have ! If you got dry lips , or you're one of the lucky few who does not , you got to have this . It is smooth and soft you can not even feel it on your lips . It hydrates your lips , plus the colors are amazing . I always get No . 13 Cocoa Rose and people would stop me and ask me about the brand and the shade . It is very nice , but expenssive , yet it is well worth it . I have tried other brands , but I have to say this lipstick is very special . It is very flattering . It is soft to wear in the morning and elegant to wear at night time . I would for sure recommend it to everyone . For first time users I would recommend that you actually go to the store and try out all the shades and enjoy the experience . Once you do , then you would know what shade are suitable for you . Usually , stores will give out samples too , so you will get the chance to try everything out at the comfort of your own home . No rush ! So go ahead try it :)

Chipley, FL


Super Super Moisturising lipstick


Estee Lauder is an excellent brand of cosmetics and it is my favorite brand. I always say it is my brand. I love its lipstick so much because it is really really moisturising one. My skin/ lip are very dry and I tried so many different brand lipsticks but this is the best one and I can not imagine my lipstick wothout the Estee Lauder Brand on it. It comes in warm colors which I love and the Estee Lauder Lip Liner is so smoth to apply. This combo is the best and must to have. My first Estee Lauder lipstick was a gift from my husband (he knew I would love it). My skin is very sensitive to harsh chemicals and extra dry. So, while choosing any cosmetics/ skin care items I have to be very careful. Estee Lauder Lipstick and Lip Liner were so impressive at the first use and now I am so very used to the moisture of it. I would not compromise on the quality for money. I would prefer to buy less if anything is expenssive. I will be happy to buy a few but would not compromis on quality when it comes to skin care or anything which has to go my skin directly. My skin reacts to bad chemicals very quickly, so I better be careful. I do recommend Estee Lauder to my freinds and family members. I do use Estee Lauder's skin care products also, that is why I said it is my brand. When I recommended Estee Lauder to one of best friend sge was initially thinking that it is very expenssive but I told her it is worth it and she tried Estee lauder's lipsick and she was so happy that she continues with Estee Lauder and she can't think of any other cosmetics brand name or skin care brand name than Estee Lauder. When she used the Estee Lauder lipstick for the first time, she called me the next day and told me that she was feeling that she was special to having use the Estee Lauder. Indeed we feel special and I feel that I am being pampered by Estee Lauder. Thank you Estee Lauder.

Parkersburg, WV


Estee Lauder Lipstick and lip gloss

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