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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil M0887X Bagless Handheld Vacuum Vacuum

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Helpfully Little, But Lacking in Suction Power


Ever since I was little, I always wanted a Dirt Devil handheld vacuum. To my delight, I got the Dirt Devil Bagless Handheld Vacuum earlier this year. I love that this vacuum fits in the palm of my hand. It makes certain vacuuming tasks, such as cleaning car, so so much easier than using a regular vacuum with one of its smaller features. It certainly beats going to the cash wash and paying to use the vacuums there. With that said, the suction power in the Dirt Devil Bagless Handheld Vacuum is really quite wanting. It does not pick up much dirt, etc. You have to go over the same area quite a few times. But it gets the job done well enough -- I mean it is better than not using a vacuum in the first place. I would recommend this vacuum, or a similar sort of vacuum, because of what it allows you to do, namely vacuum awkward areas, like the interior of a car. However, I would also caution you that it does not very much suction power at all. So that if you can find another handheld vacuum I would certainly suggest considering that instead.



This vacuum doesn't suck and that's why it sucks.


Granted this handheld vacuum was pretty cheap but it's never been good. It doesn't seem to matter how long you charge it, the battery never lasts. When you can get enough charge to use it, the suction is very poor. It's good at picking up big items but not much else. Then, emptying it out is a chore. I'd much rather bring out my full sized vacuum and use the attachment than hassle with this thing. So that's what I do and it remains in the closet. Not worth the buy.

Oklahoma City, OK


Dirt Devil M0887X Bagless Handheld Vacuum Vacuum

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