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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil Dynamite Quick Vac

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Great value for the price


I have had this vacuum for about 2 years now. It vacuums great and is very light and easy to maneuver. I did not really expect it to last as long as it has because of the price but it has held up really well. It is simple to empty out and clean. Its very durable and I have only had to replace the belt once since getting it. Maneuverability My 6 and 9 year olds vacuum with ease. Ease of Maintenance Belt is simple to replace. Durability Works as well as when I first got it 2 years ago and we use it daily

Crawfordville, FL


Great for light messes in small spaces.


My roommate's Aunt & Uncle bought us this for Christmas when we moved in together almost 2 years ago because it came in pink. It was super cute so we didn't complain, until we found out it had no hose or attachments. I didn't know they made vacuums like that. It works for a general clean (which we should do daily/weekly). But the apartment we live in was vacant for sometime before we lived in it and the carpets are (no exaggerating) over 60 years old, and a burnt orange/brown/blood red/apricot color. Which at one point was all the same hue, but after sun bleaching and wine spills and who knows what else, its a mess. There is also a very defined perimeter of grey dust sitting atop the rug around our entire home because the vacuum suction doesn't go all the way to the wall. Maneuverability It doesn't turn easily at all but if you keep pumping it forward and backward, eventually you'll get the whole room. Ease of Maintenance How do you maintain a vacuum? Suction Performance Wish it had attachments to suck up more crap! Versatility I guess its pretty good with that. Design I mean it's pink so every girl loves that. Durability Yeah I could probably throw this out the front window and it would stay in one piece. For such a small appliance its pretty hefty.



This Lil Devil Does The Job


I've owned this Dirt Devil Bagless Vac for about two years now. I had a Bissell that broke down after a week. Returned that for this Dirt Devil. It does the job and hasnt given me any problems as of yet. It was a snap to put together. That's a plus because I like "simple". I like the fact that the handle folds down when not in use, makes it easier to store away. The dirt container and filter are both, removable and washable. Another plus, saves me from buying any parts. The only thing that needs replacing is the belt. That time hasnt come yet, after two years already. The only downside for me is, it doesnt come with a hose. It does come with...A handle grip, Cord guide, Dirt container release button, On/Off switch, Carry handle, Filter, Dirt Container, Nozzle, Telescopic handle, Telescopic handle release button, Upper cord wrap with quick cord release, Long power cord, Lower cord wrap with quick cord release, Wheels and Lower hose/clog clean-out. It's very inexpensive and it gets the job done. I would deffinately recommend this to a friend!

obɐɔıɥɔ, IL


works great- love it!


I purchased this vacuum for a great price on the day after thanksgiving sale. I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I do. This vacuum has great suction to it and really leaves my carpet looking awesome. I orginally wanted a dyson vacuum, but with being on a tight budget this year I decided to get by with a cheaper vacuum and planned on upgrading later. As for now I'm content staying with this dirt devil. It is easy to empty and I am always amazed at the junk it sucks up for my carpet. I have even used it on my hard wood floors. It is light weight and easy to use. I must have vacuumed up something that caused my vacuum to stink, but the problem was easliey fixed by washing out the easily removed filter. Overall a great vacuum for the price!

Ogden, UT




I bought this b.c we had moved from NJ to FL and didn;t feel like bringing our old one. We are in an apartment and it does very well. The only thing bad i can say about it is sometimes it gets a little clogged so i have to open it up and clean it out. But i do like the vacum very much especially for the price. I like how the handle lowers for easy storage and my 3 yr old likes to pretend he is cleaning so I lower the handle to his height and he can pretend all he wants. We have no pets so not sure how it does with hair. But overall a great vacuum

Lakeland, FL


Awesome Little Vacuum


I purchased this little vacuum 2 years ago when walmart had them marked way down after Thanksgiving. My husband promptly commented that it wouldn't last 6 months since we vacuum so often and we go through vacuums and cleaning tools so often. WIth 8 children we vacuum many times a day and I am always looking for things to help my day go smoother and more efficient. We love this vacuum, it's amazing how such a small vacuum could workk so well and pick so much up. My toddlers all the way up to my oldest use this as the handle adjusts. We actually have been able to give vacuuming to some of the youngest children as their chore because it is so easy to use. My little girls think that it is a toy for them as we have a pink one and they love using it. It's so easy to empty and it's amazing to see how fast it can fill up. just shows me how well it is picking up. I have to empty this much more often then my big vacuum.

Rolesville, NC


Dirt Devil Dynamite Quick Vac

4.3 6