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Denise Austin Pilates for Everybody

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Denise Austin Pilates for Everybody Hard but Worth It!


I LOVE this workout video! I have had this video for 4 years and it is my go to workout,everytime I need to get my body in shape I reach for this. When I first started working out with the video I didn't have the workout bands and I think that was a good thing. I used Pilates for Everybody for a good month and a half before I added the workout bands and when I did add them I started with the loosest one I could find and worked my way up. Some of the moves are very hard but you don't have to hold it as long as she does and she does offer an alternative/easier way to do the moves. I love the way I have so much mored flexiblity after spending a few weeks doing this workout.  The cool down at the end is very relaxing I will sometimes put the kids to bed and just do the cool down for a little relaxation and I feel so much better after I have. I do have to admit that I found Denise a little bit too enthusiastic but it is well worth putting up with her for the impact it had on my body. 

Fremont, MI


Denise Austins Pilates for everybody is ver difficult


Denise Austin Pilates for Everybody seemed very difficult and advanced to me and i have been exercising for awhile, may be my age. It Has a 7 min warm up followed by 18 min floor, 7 min standing leg,7 min upper and lower body, 6 min calming and stretching. I found it a little hard to follow her on some of the moves and found the pilates forms very difficult. The band exercises looked fun but i wasn't able to do them. I exercise everyday and thought i was in fairly good shape for my age, but definately didn't feel this was for everybody (as says). I did enjoy the standing leg series with the chair. This is my least used of the many of denises dvds i have. I really enjoy denise and will keep trying and maybe i will be able to slowly work my way up to doing this dvd. 

Hernando, FL


Good Workout, Annoying Instructor


I love pilates, and after I could no longer afford dance classes which incorporated them into our warmups, I purchased this DVD.  The workout is great, and definitely gets results.  My only complaint is Ms. Austin is a bit too...smiley.  As you're holding insane stretches, she's smiling and gently cheering you on- at one point, holding one pose, I actually flipped her off because she hadn't flinched one bit.  I just like my instructors to look like they're actually getting the workout and "feeling the burn" as well.  Denise aside, the workout is great!

Kenosha, WI


Another Denise Austin Pilates hit!


**About the DVD**  So you probably know by now...I can't get enough of Pilates!  In particular I am impressed by Denise Austin's pilates (although not so impressed by her dance video).  All of her Pilates tapes contain central, **essential pilates moves** like teaser, t-stand, and rolling like a ball, but they also include **unique exercises**that I haven't seen from Pilates instructors before, and particularly commendable are the **standing alterations of traditional pilates mat moves**.  This DVD also features several **ballet-stretch moves** which are very enjoyable for work-out junkies like me and very bearable/effective too. ***I love this dvd!*** It includes: - 7 minute warm up/stretch (a great, unique stretch.  I just don't like the lunges...my feet slip!  Interestingly, the Chakra dance DVD I reviewed seems to have "stolen"? some of Denise's moves here, and just made them more free-flowing. - 18 minutes: floor work on arms and abs - 7 minutes: ballet - 7 minutes: arms with some leg work - 6 minute: stretch Total time: 45 minutes **Which Denise Austin Pilates should I get?** Denise Austin has 3 Pilates DVDs that I have tried: "Pilates," "Hit the Spot Pilates," and this one.  If you're going to buy just one, I recommend "Hit the Spot Pilates" because it is a fully customizable workout dvd.  Although, "Pilates" is probably more introductory.  For those like me, who are just workout junkies and want it all, I recommend buying "Hit the Spot Pilates" and "Pilates for Everybody," because you will probably get bored with "Pilates." **I'm new to Pilates--will I be able to do these DVDs?** Well, as long as your doctor says it's okay: yes!  Pilates is my favorite toning/strengthening/flexibility-gaining workout because it is modifiable.  Although I love Yoga, I often find blood rushing to my head, or my wrists becoming weary.  Not so with Pilates (although minimal Yoga moves are included in most Pilates DVDs).  **Here are some tips to make it easier and still get results:** - Pilates workouts are progressive: they start with easier versions of an exercise, and work up to the hardest version of that exercise.  If you are finding one level too hard, just **keep doing the earlier version!** - If the workout involves your legs pointing, perfectly straight, up to the ceiling, and the thought of this makes you say "Ha!" then **bend your knees.**  You will still get the benefit of the exercise!  Just remember: keep your core and your pelvic area stable.  Only your legs should be moving on these moves! - If the exercise calls for your **head lifted,** **put it down**! - If the exercise calls for your legs lifted at a 20-45 degree angle, **bring your legs up higher.**  The closer they are to the ground (without touching) the harder the exercise. - **Go at your own pace!**  Pilates is about quality, not quantity! - **Never say you can't: you can!**  Always say you can, because it's true--if you aren't doing something now (i.e. take a look at "teaser"--it's the move Denise is doing on the cover to this DVD) you will one day.  So that means you can! **General Tip** If Denise says you should be feeling it in your thighs, and your either not feeling it, or are feeling it elsewhere, you need to either reposition your body or refocus on which muscle group you are, as Denise says, "zipping up"! **Equipment you will need for some exercises:** - A resistance band (preferably with no handles) - A chair (for balance)  

Staten Island, NY


The more you do it, the easier it gets!


I am a big fan of Denise Austin and own quite a few of her workout DVDs. I purchased this one after looking to take a step up from the yoga DVD I was doing. The first time I attempted to complete the pilates DVD it was HARD. Densie makes it all look so easy, but in fact she is at a level I will probably never be at, no matter how many times I do the workout! I was able to take it at my own pace, doing the moves as well as I could at first, and kept up with the workout. I would alternate this workout with one of her yoga ones and within a few months this pilates DVD wasn't nearly as difficult as when I started. I am now able to breeze through most of the workout (there are some moves that I know I will never be flexable enough for and Im okay with that!!) and feel good afterwards. This is NOT a workout for someone who has no flexibility, as you will easily become frustrated and upset because that is basically what pilaties is all about. I would recommend starting off with yoga until you reach a point where you are limber and then give this one a go!

Yorktown Heights, NY


Not for everybody


When I first say this video on the shelf I was excited to buy it and take it home to begin working out.  I wanted to see what all the hype was about with Pilates.  The dvd said it was geared towards anyone who had a desire to do Pilates and that it was in fact designed with everyone in mind.  So I put the dvd in excited to begin and right from the get go I was lost.  The moves were too advanced and too quick, there really wasn't an instructional part of the video.  So I did what everyone would do, pause and rewind so that I could work on the moves at my own pace.  By the time I got through the dvd I was so thoroughly disgusted and mentally defeated that I ended up throwing this dvd in the garbage.  I don't see what all the hype is about this workout video, other than leaving the person exhausted at the end from frustration on the moves that are performed at a record speed along with all the breathing excercises.  I would pass on this one folks.

Austin, TX


Denise Austin Pilates for Everybody

3.3 6