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Booster Car Seats
Cosco Protek Booster Car Seat

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My son loves this booster seat more than any seat he's ever had.


I've enjoyed having this booster seat.  It has helped the development of my son and his ability to take care of himself, while I am confident in his safety while on the road.  My son will not get into the car without his seat and we are thinking a purchasing a second one just for him to take where ever he goes. 

Kansas City, MO


This item is not worth the money.


My experience with the Cosco Protek Booster seat is that it is not very comfortable for the children. The upright seat doesn't recline, there is just no room for movement. Also, the fact that it is so hard and square doesn't exactly make it easy to put it into the car and be able to maneuver it as necessary. A friend of mine has this car seat and she says she hates it. I can honestly say for the cost of this seat, I would not purchase it as the quality is not worth it. Not to mention the fact that it is not very versatile in the idea that children are constantly growing, why spend this much money on something that you won't get to use that often? There has got to be a better item out there for less cost, more comfort and reasons to use.

Chicago, IL


great car booster seat


As a mother of four children of all diferent ages I have been threw alot of diferent car seats and boosters. I found that for my oldest who still has to be in a booster seat , the  **Cosco ProtekBooster is perfect. **She can sit comfortably in the seat and when she gets tired and falls asleep there is still more confort for her then some other booster seats. I have two children that use booster seats and they both like the booster seats with the backs rather then the booster seats that only have the bottoms. I would definitly recomend the **Cosco ProtekBooster**

Evansville, WY


The cosco booster is great for long time.


 This car seat it's great for me because I used for almost 3 years because this one is for child in different time of his life. I buy it when my kid have 3 year. Iused like carseat for little kid and later I used for booster seat when he grow up.  He love his carseat because is confortable for move and for me it's really good and safe.  Later we used like booster seat when he feel a big kid and now he used this one for safe because he is almost in 60 pounds.  I recommended this for persons love the safe,comfortable for their childs and really usefull for everybody.

Santa Ana, CA


Great Quality Great Price


I'm reviewing the Cosco Booster Seat. This booster seat is a great deal. I don't have kids of my own but have nieces and nephews plus I babysit and felt i needed a way to transport children in my car. Since I wouldnt be using it every day, I needed something at a good price. I was a little hesitant buying a non-brand name but went for the Cosco seat anyway. It's great and all the kids that I transport love it. It's safe and makes the kids happy and its cheap what more can you ask for? It's great, It has a pillow at the top and a cup holder on the side! It's also adujustable and can be taken apart to wash when the kids spill that drink that's in the cool cup holder. This seat was definitly a great deal for a great price. I love it, the kids love it, its a win win situation. The kids I transport have never been so excited to ride in my car with me. When I'm with my brother and we're both driving, they fight over who's going to ride with Auntie Val. Its great!

Milton, WI


Great Cosco car seat


This was a great cosco car seat we have used it for a year now and it is still going strong!! i would recommend it to anyone why spend tons of money on something that doesn't work as well as the cosco car seat we are using!! this is really a good deal for the money I plan on buying another one when my other 2 kids are ready to use booster seats

Olathe, KS


Safety on this product is great


I bought this car seat for my son and it is great. Compact enough to take in and out of our cars. And compare to the the best brands I love all graco items.  This car seat has been used so often and we are still able to use just wash the cover and it looks brand new.

Aliso Viejo, CA


Cosco Protek Booster Car Seat

4.4 7