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Columbia Southern University - Business Administration

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CSU is one of the best online Universities around.


Columbia Southern University had the exact program that I was looking for. Very easy to get enrolled and excellent student aid. Class Selection Columbia Southern University has a wide range of classes to suit the needs of most people. That is one of the reasons that I chose CSU. Teaching Quality Every professor that I have had at CSU has been awesome. They are willing to work with you when needed. They are always available for questions. With CSU professors I do not feel stressed or pressured when I am working on my assignments. Financial Aid Financial Aid through CSU is wonderful. I would not have been able to go back to school if it had not been for the financial aid and the availability of it. I was able to get enough financial aid to allow me enough so I could purchase everything I needed to do online classes.



So this is what college is supposed to be about!


I started my online university journey out of sheer necesity. I was in a 4 year university and they had an online program that much better suited my lifestyle. I had two jobs, one full time and one part time to pay for my education. The tuition kept climbing and climbing even for the online branch of that university so I dropped out of school. I was frustrated that there was no interaction with other students and it felt like all I had to do was teach myself. That isn't the case at all for Columbia Southern University! I was so skeptical when I first enrolled, but now I look forward to classes every 8 weeks. I love the condensed class schedules. It really helps me focus on what is important in the class, which in turn helps me actually remember the material and put it into practice. I can't say that about normal university courses. It seems like I would lose interested the 5th or 6th week in! Not with CSU they are amazing and very encouraging. You have a personal advisor that will follow you through out graduation as well as an academic counselor to help you choose your courses. CSU is a great program and I would highly recommend them to anyone serious about finishing their degree at a great affordable rate. The instructors are great about talking to you as well. They give more feedback than I ever got in a classroom setting.

Bessemer, AL


Columbia Southern University - Business Administration

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