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ColorPlace (Walmart) Fast Dry Spray Paint

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Real bad now!


I purchased in the past with good results. I would go thru 30 cans at a time. They changed their supplier or something. Sprays clear to very lite coating. Very little pigment in the can. :-( I hope they correct the problem.

Wallingford Ct


Never again.


Underperforms even for it's cheap price. Very uneven coat, gets absorbed by the wood, runs off when it doesn't get absorbed, does not fast dry, and runs out very very quickly. Used 4 cans on about a square foot of wood and only managed to paint about a fourth of it, and not very well either. Will never use this product again.

Lorton, VA

Cheap Quality Paint


Over the years I have enjoyed turning old drab furniture and home furnishings into updated modern furniture. I started off with no knowledge on which paint is best on what surface,but overtime I have experimented with different paints, which spray painting for me is the easiest to use.I consider myself to be a budget shopper and course I started out buying the cheapest spray paint I could find which happen to be Colorplace.The first time I used this brand I was repainting a metal cover that had minimum rust which I sanded down. I used Colorplace in white, sprayed the first coat, allowed the paint to dry then went over it again. After drying I noticed splotchy spots, which looked as of the paint seperated on the metal. My husband noticed my disappointment and asked what brand I used. He sent me to his shop, where he had a bunch of spray paint that I wasn't aware of. He only uses Rust-Oleum paint, so I grabbed a can of white and added a third coat with his brand. I was shocked at the difference, even with the Colorplace underneath. After this experience with Colorplace I now use this paint as a base, this saves money, I will go over the item with a well known brand,and I use less of the expensive paint using Colorplace as a first coat. It works for me, in the manner I use it.


A misadventure as a spray paint


I don't have a great deal of experience with spray painting, and I was only gong to try a very small project, so I opted for a less expensive brand, this product from Walmart. It seemed like it was going to be the most appropriate since it is fast dry, came in a color that I wanted and the nozzle sprayer appeared to be what I would need. Despite my lack of experience and expertise, I don't believe that my failed project was entirely my fault. There were several issues immediately with this product. Firstly, the delivery from the can was uneven and runny. Again, I believe this could have been as a result of poor spraying technique on my part, so I asked my neighbor who was the person who initially inspired me to take on my project. She came over to assist me. Her efforts yielded the same results, which were less than satisfactory. At least, I was relieved to discover it was not entirely my skill level that was causing the mini-disaster. The can seemed to be out of paint quite quickly. So, I decided to try another brand and start all over. Since I now had an immediate comparison, I can say without a doubt that I would not purchase this product again. I paid more for the alternative, but it was well worth it.

Sacramento, CA


ColorPlace Fast Dry Spray Paint leaves a lot to cover


I might still be out on the porch spraying ColorPlace Spray Paint on my latest project, but I simply quit. I don't like wasting my time*.*The can was almost empty, and the inside of the drawer wasn't fully painted. It looked splotchy. Initially the paint left the nozzle as a superfine fog which did little to cover the wood at the recommended distance -- 12 to 16 inches. I moved the can closer to see if that would help; hardly any paint misted onto the wood.  I'm an optomist; I moved it closer again.  Closer application appeared to be a mistake, the paint began to run down the side of the drawer in uneven runnels.It looked like a drizzle glaze on a cake, not en coverage. It's an economical paint in terms of price, but if you need two to three cans per drawer, you'll spend more than a can of the higher priced, better covering paint. I don't plan to buy ColorPlace Fast Dry on my next trip to Wal-Mart. I'll get Rustoleum or go to a different building supply store for a different brand. ColorPlace Fast Dry Spray Paint is inexpensive on a per can basis, but how many cans are you willing to buy to finish a project?

Bremond, TX


ColorPlace (Walmart) Fast Dry Spray Paint

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