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Camp Chef
Camp Chef GB90D Propane Grill

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Great For Camping, Not For Hiking


I am always over-packing for trips and vacations but most of the time it pays off for everyone involved. If you are going camping but are not going to be using an RV then you are going to have to plan a way to cook or at the very least have a heat source to warm up food. The Camp Chef seems a little wobbly at first but as long as you have it on a flat base surface you should be fine. If you need to fortify it, use some slab rocks or bring along some wood planks but make sure that they are precut so you don't end up tripping over them. I have cooked about 30 "meals" on this but it's never been a huge amount of food. At most, five people. Even so, I was able to cook everything at one time and serve it at the same time so it was all the same temperature. You do need to make sure the grill face / griddle is cleaned each time you use it. That isn't hard to do if you bring along rags but if you don't you could find yourself scrambling for a way to clean it. I have never had any problems with the tank but I wish that it came with a special container to protect it when you are transporting it.



Camp Chef GB90D Propane Grill

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