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BullFrog Ultimate Sheer Protection SPF 30

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Excellent waterproof sun protection


My kids absolutely love the water and hate it when I chase them around the beach all day re-applying sunscreen (and making them sit out of the water for several minutes while it dries). I have struggled for two summers trying to find sunscreen protection that worked well and was waterproof. A few weeks ago I purchased a bottle of Bullfrog sunscreen SPF 30 to try. I was thrilled at the end of a day filled with kayaking, swimming and playing in the sand that Bullfrog protected my kids so well. I re-applied only once mid-day when we stopped playing to eat lunch. It goes on smoothly and has a pleasant smell. The kids can even apply it themselves without an issue. With an SPF of 30, it may not offer as much protection as something with a higher SPF but because it goes on so evenly and lasts so long it actually offers MORE protection, in my opinion. It's also a little more expensive than other brands but, again, the protection it offers is worth it. Ease of Application Not as easy as a spray, but it is smooth

Midland, MI


Bullfrog Ultimate Sheer Protection is a good compromise sunscree


We took a vacation where we were going to be outside for hours in the bright sun, so I wanted to do some research to find a safe and effective sunscreen. I don't like most sunscreens because they feel oily or sticky. This one doesn't! It is relatively light and covers evenly, but it's not so sheer that you can't see where you applied it. The fragrance is decent, and even my husband didn't mind the smell. Most importantly though, it protected us. Not one of us got a sunburn, and we all burn very easily! Even my toddler had no issues being out in the sun with it. We did reapply according to the directions, which you really should do with any sunscreen. I will definitely continue to use this sunscreen in the future!

Evanston, IL


Wonderful for sensitive users who are sun safety conscious!


Love this product! Goes on smoothly - not greasy or oily at all. I use it on my toddler on his face as he has been shown to react to other sunscreens. This stuff is fantastic! No reaction and works beautifully on his fair skin. There is no strong odor so it does not bother him during application. A product I would recommend to all my friends and family, especially those with toddlers. Scent No offensive smell. No over powering odor. Longevity Like any sun lotion, reapplication is a must for proper usage, but works fabulously. Effectiveness My son has very fair skin and he has yet to burn his very sensitive face with this product. (I specify face as that is where I primarily apply this product.)

Knoxville, TN


Can sunblock be non-greasy and smell great? Yes it can!


I love this sunblock. Oh, can I list the ways? I think I can! 1) It's *ultra light*, and oh so oil free. That means its non-greasy. Yes, I am so serious- this stuff really lives up to its claim! 2)It's waterproof/sweatproof, as any good sunscreen should be. 3) My favorite part; it's ***hypoallergenic***! Praises to Bullfrog! This means if you put it on your face you will not break out. It's glorious, and it's true. 4) It actually smells really good. No, really, it does! The first time I wore it, my sister asked if I was wearing a new body lotion or perfume. It's fantastic! Not really a floral or fruity scent, just not that nasty sunscreen smell either. I love this stuff. It's SPF 30, and keeps my pale skin from turning red! Even better- it keeps my skin from getting all pimply and full of acne (*cough*Coppertone Sport*cough). Even Neutrogena "Sheer' makes my skin feel all grity and gross! Eeew! This is a sunscreen, unlike those other bad boys, that does not make me want to run and jump in the shower and wash it all off. LOVE IT! Only con? it's super hard to find! Trust me though- it's worth the search! This is the ONLY kind I will use!

Seattle, WA


BullFrog Ultimate Sheer Protection SPF 30

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