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Breadman TR456 Indoor Grill

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Breadman Indoor Grill is a good Panini maker


The Breadman Indoor Grill is easy to use and makes great sandwiches. It has an indicator light to let you know when the grill plates (one on top and bottom) have reached the "right" temperature, and the single heat setting (no controls are offered on the unit for users to adjust the temperature) has always worked just fine for us. The only thing we've ever used this unit for is to make panini sandwiches with, and the down side for me, is that it's not easy to clean and it takes up a LOT of cupboard or counter space because of it's large size. On the upside the large size allows you to make a lot of sandwiches at once. The top is heavy and crushes soft bread, so you do need to use a hearty bread for your sandwiches, but the sandwiches are fantastic! The unit toasts the bread evenly and works very quickly. It's a great way to satisfy a whole group of hungry (yet picky LOL) kids at once!! :)

Carey, OH


The Breadman TR456 Indoor Grill is great for a quick, hot meal.


The idea of a panini was at first rather silly to my husband and myself. What's the difference between a panini and a hot cheese sandwich off the griddle? We were gifted the Breadman grill and it sat in it's box for a couple of months but we decided to give a try and we are so glad that we did! The sandwiches we make bake so evenly. The cheese is melted to perfection and we love the toasted bread, tortillas,etc. We need to try pita bread soon! There are so many great recipe ideas online and our experiments haven't disappointed us yet. I do wish it had some type of temperature control on it--plug it in and it's on, unplug and it's off, that's it. Sometimes things take a bit longer and the bread ends up a bit crustier than preferred but still never burnt, charred, etc. It is quite bulky but the weight of the lid helps the sandwich cook more evenly by pressing down evenly. It wipes down easily but can be a pain to get really clean, wish there was an easier way to do that. Overall, we love it! And had toasted sandwiches for lunch.

Belgrade, MT


Make something different and delicious for your whole family!


The Breadman TR456 is a great alternative to frying.  While the appliance itself is a bit clunky and awkward to store, it is also a great way to prepare different and exciting versions of old favorites. The quesadilla is a huge family favorite.  By cooking the quesadilla in the Breadman you eliminate the need for frying it in a pan with oil which, while tasty, is also high in calories and also eliminating the microwave which can leave the tortillas gooey and not melt all of the cheese. The Breadman can be used without oil, I occasionally spray the appliance with Olive Oil Pam Cooking Spray, but even when I don't it works just fine.  The tortillas come out crispy and cheese is perfectly melted.  Some other options are Panini sandwiches, grillling vegetables for fajitas, pita wraps.  I have never attempted to cook meat on my grill, but am certain it would work just fine. The only difficulties I have had with the Breadman TR456 are the cleaning and storage of the appliance.  It can be rather tedious to clean between all of the ridges and as I mentioned before, it is a bit awkward to store. Overall, the benefits largely outweigh the few minor shortcomings of this appliance.

Boise, ID


Breadman TR456 Indoor Grill

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