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Body Shop Buriti Baby

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Quite expensive, but totally worth it. Love the scent!!!


Amazingly fantastic smell keeps me wanting to buy more not only for my baby to use, but for myself too! The body butter/ lotion moisturizes your skin making them soft and smooth. Effectiveness My younger son has very sensitive skin and this body butter works great for him. It's gentle enough for his skin, keep him moisturized yet rash-free. Scent Can't say enough that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE the scent!!!

Canton, MI


Pricey, but Wonderful


I started out with a sample (I got it at the store, anybody can) of the Buritit Baby lotion for my son. We'd put it on his knees because they would get so chaffed from crawling around on the carpet. It was gentle on his skin and totally helped his knees. Not to mention I fell in love with the scent. So when a groupon came up for the Body Shop I bought one and then used it to buy the regular size shampoo, bodywash, and lotion. They all work really well. The shampoo gets his hair clean and leaves it soft. The bodywash cleans his skin and leaves it smooth. It also doesn't feel sticky. The bad news is how expensive it is. The good news is that it lasts a long time (we've been using the first bottles for amost 8 months and we've still got a couple months left) and the Body Shop groupons come up pretty frequently so you can save there.

Mishawaka, IN


Body Shop Buriti Baby bath products smell fantastic


I purchased the Body Shop Buriti Baby shampoo and Body Butter before the birth of my third son. I have tried a ton of bath care products for babies over the last few years and I tried these in the store and fell in love. I was given free samples by the sales associate and liked them so much that I bought the full size products. They smell amazing. My babies tend to have sensitive skin and allergies but these products do not irritate them at all even though they have a fragrance. They seem to be very natural and gentle. The shampoo works well and makes the hair look shiny and smell fresh. The body butter is great after bath to help prevent dry skin and the scent lasts all day. I absolutely love these products and would recommend them to new parents trying to decide what to get since there are so many to choose from. Occasionally these items go on sale or there is free shipping on the Body Shop site which makes for a great deal.

Sherborn, MA


Body Shop Buriti Baby

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