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Ava Anderson
Ava Anderson Hand & Body Lotion

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Ava Anderson "Without" Hand & Body Lotion is a Treat for You!


**Ava Anderson "Without" Hand & Body Lotion is absolutely scrumptious! It contains all kinds of organic goodies like organic aloe vera gel, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, and organic sweet orange, lemon and pomegranate essential oils! EVERY ingredient in this product has been rated "zero" [on a scale of 0-10] by the Environmental Working Group's reports of toxins in personal care products. [If you haven't heard of EWG's website, you can find it here: www.cosmeticsdatabase.com.] The lotion goes on like a dream ~ it feels great ~ and smells wonderful!So if**** Ava Anderson "Without" Hand & Body Lotion**** CONTAINS all that good stuff, what does the "without" stand for??? Well, this product [as well as all of Ava's products] are WITHOUT toxins, harmful chemicals, phthalates...i.e. poisons that can harm people and the planet!!**

Berlin, PA


Ava Anderson Hand & Body Lotion

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