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As Seen on TV
As Seen on TV 30 Second Smile Toothbrush

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Poorly Made Product


This was my first experience with an electric toothbrush. It was one I had seen a commercial for online, and decided to try it out. When I got the brush, I could already tell it was an inferior product. There are a few things you will notice right away as major drawbacks. The casing for the brush is made of a cheap plastic, that I'm pretty sure if you accidentally dropped, it would shatter into several pieces. The brush is also operated by batteries, which adds extra weight to an already bulky design. Speaking of the batteries, make sure you buy plenty of back ups. The brush drains batteries like crazy, which makes the overall cost of this brush even more. Also when the batteries start to die, the power of the brush drops significantly. This product comes with two types of brushes, and replacements can be bought separately. I never really gave this brush enough use to warrant replacement brushes. If you're looking for a good quality electric brush, I would stay away from this one. Instead opt for one of the ones made by Oral-B. Performance/Cleaning It cleans decently. The only draw back is that the power dies down when the battery starts to die. And this brush drains batteries super fast. Durability It feels cheap. The casing is made of a thin plastic, that would most likely crack if dropped.



30 Secondsmile Toothbrush TB100 review


The 30secondsmile power toothbush model TB100 is a piece of crap. It is poorly designed and seriously underpowered. I just had my teeth cleaned after 3 months of trying to use this toothbrush changing batteries weekly. The dental hygienist asked me if I had been brushing my teeth at all ???

Shelby, MT


The 30 second smile toothbrush


The 30 second smile toothbrush was a commercial we had seen that offered the ability "to brush your teeth up to 6 times faster than a manual toothbrush." We bought this product for my son who we really have a great deal of difficulty getting to brush his teeth properly. This brush is battery operated it does not come with a charger so it just eats up the batteries like nobodys business. It has two sets of brushes one on top one on bottom that kind of slide into place they dontr lock into place.If you want additional brushes you buy them seperatrely. As for worth the money it cost to buy this product, well honestly I dont know. The customer service is one of the most unhelpful ive ever seen, they know nothing about the products they sell and just give general answers such as yes and no. The shipping of this is expensive and the delivery time is the longest ive seen, we had to call cs afetr we ordered this product 7 weeks prior it came at the 9th week of ordering.

Bakersfield, CA


As Seen on TV 30 Second Smile Toothbrush

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