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Arrow Plastics Mfg. Co.
Arrow Plastics Mfg. Co. Sip-A-Mug

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Pretty decent.


I like this cup, but you have to be careful sometimes. If you don't watch out, it can spill kinda easily. And I hate that the straw doesn't reach to the very bottom so you can't drink every last drop. Other than that, a pretty decent product. And it can be very difficult to clean the straw thoroughly.



Wonderful for the price!


Bought these for my toddler-- they are perfect if you want something that can be dropped, then picked up by an adult before there is a huge mess. Don't work so well if there's no-one to pick it back up before it has time to drain, and the "straw" can be a bit of a pain to clean. I'd suggest them especially for use in the car!

Tacoma, WA


Good for on the go with kids


We saw the Sip-A-Mug at our local grocery store and decided that it looked like something that would be good for our preschooler.  The idea is pretty simple - it's a plastic mug with a screw on lid and the handle is a straw.  The ones we have hold 14 ounces.  They're made of BPA-free hard plastic. I've seen the Sip-A-Mug is translucent blue, green and pink with opaque matching lids.  Also with a clear body with solid opaque colored lids in blue, green and pink.  Those are just the colors I've seen, though I believe that there are more color options available.  They also come in 12-ounce and 19-ounce sizes. I've found that they're good for our son, who's too old for a sippy cup.  There are times (such as the car or going out someplace) when we want him to have something that's more contained than a regular glass.  The Sip-A-Mug fits the bill.  They have a screw on lid with just a tiny air-hole so the only place liquid will come out is the end of the straw.  It's not a sippy - it will leak it tipped over, but it's a lot less mess than an open cup. There are only a couple things that I don't like.  First, the straw potion is hard to clean.  I have a little narrow brush that fits into it, but because it's curvy, it's very difficult to get in enough to clean the entire length of the straw.  There is also a seem in the straw - it's made of two pieces of plastic.  That seem will split and crack if bitten or dropped wrong or just over time. Because it's part of the cup itself, there's no way to replace it.  Though they were pretty inexpensive, so having to replace the entire cup isn't going to break the bank.

Oakland Gardens, NY


Arrow Plastics Mfg. Co. Sip-A-Mug

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