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Amana Built-in Dishwasher

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Amana Dishwasher Does Average Job


I have owned this appliance for about 6 years. I have had to make one repair, the handle broke of all things! Luckily it was a pretty easy fix with a replacement handle. This dishwasher is nice because it has several cleaning options. It has a sanitize option so you do not have to do your baby bottles seperately. I bought the model that was plastic inside. It tends to get a build-up and does an average job on the dishes. I would definitely pay the up-grade for the stainless steel interior for the next one! A rinse aid is a must for this dishwasher. I also pre-clean all my dishes and still feel it only produces average results. Truth be told I can't wait for this one to finally quit working, so I can replace it with a different model. If your shopping for a new dishwasher pass this one by. I only give it 3 stars because it has lasted this long.

Schererville, IN




This dishwasher fails to get the dishes dry. Even when I use JetDri it does not work. I should not have to use other products to make my dishwasher work. The cycle from start to finish is two and a half hours. Talk about wasting energy. A waste of money. I was sorry that I even bought this dishwasher.

Green Bay, WI


Amana Built-in Dishwasher

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