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Vivid Seats

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Shockingly Horrible Customer Service


I cannot stress how horrible my experience was with Vivid Seats. I ordered a VIP ticket to a concert over a year in advance (due to being postponed for COVID). I finally received a ticket 5 days before the event, and the ticket I received was a GA ticket. I attempted Vivid Seat's live chat, where the chat agent said they would look into it, gave no timeline, and disconnected the chat. I then emailed them with pictures of my order and the ticket received- no repsonse. I then called Vivid Seats (by the way it is impossible to get someone on the phone, so you need to select '0' and then not press any more prompts for several minutes, until it allows you to select an agent). 45 minutes later, I reached an agent who acknowledged my complaint and said they were investigating. The event came and went, and I never received any response from anyone. I can't believe the scam they running. My only recourse was to initiate a credit card chargeback. NEVER AGAIN will I ever purchase a ticket from Vivid Seats.


New York, NY


sent me the wrong tickets.. never got a refund or response


They sent me the wrong tickets for wrong section and I called and waited on hold for a total of 4 hours over 4 different phone calls.. they hung up on me each time. I was unable to get the right tickets before the game and had to stand in nosebleeds whole game instead of sit in my seats because they sent me the wrong ones.


Atlanta, GA


Never do any business with VIVIDSEATS


I register an account at viewpoints since the service provided by VividSeats is so terrible. After purchasing it, it asked me to call them for verification, the whole process takes more than 1 hour for waiting; and if you failed to do that, your order will be cancelled




Never again


Group of friends and I from the east coast purchased tickets to see the 49ers vs patriots (they are 9ers fans). They cancelled tickets before the game was even cancelled( it's still not cancelled). Then, they decided to email me the notice that I have 7 days to reply to get my money back. Needless to say I am left with a 1500 dollar credit in my account for events we aren't interested in. Just shady business model all around- which likely explains the numerous open lawsuits they have on their hands.


New York


Poor Refund and Customer Service


I had purchased concert tickets this year on 1/26/2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently happening, our concert got canceled. On 3/21/2020, I received an email stating that the event was canceled. The email gave customers two options; Option 1: 120% Store Credit – Rather than receiving the funds back to your original payment source, you can get your order total back in the form of Vivid Seats store credit, plus 20% extra, to attend your next live event! If you wish to receive the store credit option and forgo the cash refund, simply reply to this email within the next 72 hours, stating that you wish to receive this option. Your store credit will appear in your account within one week, except in instances where tickets need to be returned - in which case, your credit will appear within one week after tickets are returned. Option 2: Full Cash Refund - If you wish to receive the full cash refund, no further action is required on your part. Your refund will be processed to your original payment source within approximately 2-4 weeks, except in instances where tickets need to be returned - in which case, your refund will appear 2-4 weeks after tickets are returned. I opted for the Full Cash Refund and did not receive it. Since the refund never came through, I attempted to contact the company via email with no reply. I tried several times to call them, but you can't just get a human to talk to its mostly automated computer responses. Well, I finally got ahold of someone with the Chat Now option. They said that they couldn't refund me because I am out of the timeline, and I did not respond to an email that they had sent out around the week of 4/21-4/28. I informed them that I never received an email and asked them if they could prove to me that they sent out an email. They were unable to confirm the email about my refund that they supposedly sent out. One of the employees ended the chat on me before it was over, basically like being hung up on.


Colorado Springs, CO


Buyer beware


I purchased tickets through Vivid many times. I know I can use other companies but I was drawn to Vivid because of their 100% money back guarantee. However I have found out they do not stand by that policy. I purchased opening day tickets to a ball game for March 26th well we all no because of Covid 19 that didn't happen and 2 months later it still not scheduled. I am aware of the havoc that Covid has caused and I know it's not Vivid Seats fault however I did expect them to honor tier guarantee. I have a chain of emails from them telling me I should resell those tickets. I keep telling them I can't sell tickets to an event that doesn't exist. I am very disappointed in Vivid Seats and I'm sure there are plenty of other people who have had the same thing happen to them. I have friends who purchased tickets to same game through other venues that have gotten their refund. I would not recommend this service to anyone just because they do not stand buy their 100% guarantee policy.


Phoenix Az


Never Again


Never ever use Vivid seats again. Website said seats I tried to buy were already purchased by another user, immediately bought other seats. Received emails saying I had purchased both sets. Needed 4 not 8. Tries to call, no live person option. Screen chat was useless. Never again. Horrible customer service!!!


Franklin, TN


**NEVER** **Under any Circumstances**Terrible**


Had my boss fly into town to attend a Stars Playoff game, bought tickets through Vivid. When I went to retrieve them, it kept Giving me a cutesy message "sometime things happen" With my boss in the car an hour before game time I am watching their YouTube video trying to retrieve seats. Finally calling into the contact center, get disconnected, call back, have to restart conversation, get transferred, guy tells me their system crashed, he is very very sorry but he wont be able to get my tickets, I have to buy seats minutes before the game on Ticketmaster at 2x the price… Horrible, Yes, here is the kicker, Vivid wont refund my money because the seller was out their seats.. Not the seller's fault, Vivid's system crashed, but they won't refund me. Just the absolute worst!




Zero Stars


I ordered two tickets form Vivid. When I could not use them, I did not ask for a refund, but went to relist the tickets and EAT their remarkable $50 per ticket SERVICE CHARGE. After takeing my liting the tickets did not show up on the site. I was not contacted with any issue. When I became aware of the seats not being listed I began the nightmare of customer service. You see, they will SELL you mobile tickets they had listed on their site, but YOU can't sell them on their site.


Orange County, CA


Worst cumstomer service ever!!


Tickets purchased in July weren't sent to me til the day of the show-and they were not the tickets I originally ordered. I was told that the seller failed to provide my tickets so I was given different seats-at the discretion of Vivid Seats. I was also told to "read the fine print" of their policy. After speaking to 2 different agents who were unable to resolve my dissatisfaction with their "solution", I asked to speak to a manager. I was told there was not one and the second agent hung up on me. I am a long time customer but will not be purchasing tickets through them again. Totally unacceptable and unprofessional behavior on the agents part but also very deceitful in NEVER notifying me of the seat change but using my initial invoice as a cover to the "new" tickets.





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