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ViewSonic 17-in. LCD Monitor

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The ViewSonic VA721 LCD Monitor - still going strong!


This ViewSonic VA721 model LCD Monitor was purchased in 2005, so this model is out dated. But... we're still using 2 of these! These monitors have lasted through Windows 2000 to Windows 7, with no problems with the changing operating systems. These monitors are not widescreen, which seems to be what everyone wants now, but I prefer standard so they fit me perfectly. They've lasted over time - the color is still good, still sturdy. The screens will tilt, too. The only thing I would like to have added would be a swivel feature, but the monitor itself is small enough, and light enough, to just move it base and all. Once I bought these monitors, I never looked back - never wanted to go back to the bulky, hard-to-keep-clean CRT's. These are easy to lift, move, and keep clean. And they've lasted so long, I've definitely gotten my money's worth from them (which is always a good thing, especially with the ever-changing technology).

Indianapolis, IN


ViewSonic 17-in. LCD Monitor

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