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ASUS 23-inch LCD Monitor

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A budget Beast!


Great image and color quality, (much better than my old LG monitor). Many different settings for all the different uses I have (game/movie/standard/nighttime) which are easy to switch between (seriously what's with the complaints about the interface being hard to use? I've had no problems at all.) Seems to be reliable. After several months I have caught no dead pixels. The price was the most remarkable aspect to this monitor, though. The internal speakers and HDMI input are a nice touch as well. If you own an Xbox I would recommend sharing this screen with your computer. A very simple and effective way to share just one monitor. Sharp colors; crisp and clear picture. Blu-Ray movies look insane, and even standard res video streams (from Hulu, Youtube) are clearly seen with this monitor. Cant ask more from that which preforms so well. This is a great monitor for a mid-range system, but will also compliment a high end PC; a perfect monitor for the budget conscious enthusiast. Just as a tip to the non-techies. This monitor will present you with some issues that can be fixed with simple tweaking of the resolution. If your screen isn't filling the whole of the monitor, check two things; Resolution, and check to see if your drivers (GPU and monitor) are up to date.

Santa Cruz, CA


Amazing contrast and resolution


My husband and I just bought two of these a couple of days ago and I am very surprised for how well these monitors do for the price that we got them at. We bought them from newegg for about 150 for each and I'm very glad that we did. We did a pixel test for both of them with both black and white and just black and the contrast and depth of color was just amazing. We have a 21 inch LCD monitor that we used to use and we compared both side by side and the difference is amazing. This monitor definitely has the contrast and the resolution that beats out our old model. You can move this monitor up and down, which is nice because I got tired of looking at a downward angle at one that did not move. There are different settings that you can put the monitor at but I suggest keeping it at either standard mode or in RGB mode. Those really give out the best colors overall. This is a very nice monitor and I hope that it continues that way!

Clearfield, UT


Great overall monitor


This monitor which supports HDMI is a great starting point for anyone that wants an upgrade. The colors on this monitor is rich and sharp, far better than most of the monitor of its class, especially considering that this is coming from a TN monitor. It has several viewing modes that are available, allowing users to choose between playing a game (which has a sharper contrast) versus watching a movie (which has better colors). Overall, most people will probably select one of the modes and stick with it. It is in standard 16:9 viewing mode which means it is able to display HD videos in its full 1080p glory. Though most monitors makers these days seem to going for the 16:9 resolution, I would have prefered it to be 16:10, or even the normal 4:3 that older generation monitors used to have. Overall, the monitor is a very good entrance purchase for anyone that needs a quick upgrade. It has good, rich colors, with a lot of features such as HDMI, DVI, and a good viewing angle. Buying this monitor will be a purchase that people will not regret.

Danville, CA


Asus VH242 is great but has 1 flaw


The Asus VH242 is a great monitor except for one thing.  the good things about this monitor are the ports which are a DVI, VGA, HDMI and audio ports. The quality is excellent thanks to the full 1080p. It has great colors and and a good response time. This monitor comes with different modes like gaming mode and scenery mode which is really cool because it changes the colors and contrast by the push of one button instead of having to manually change it every time. The screen size is 24in which is perfect for me but i do plan to purchase second  monitor. The one thing that is bad with this monitor is setting it up is the hardest thing ever, i have tried many times to calibrate it so that it looks good when my computer is connected but it seems every time the colors are off or everything is fuzzy. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good monitor for either there computer of gaming device. 

Bloomington, IN


Cheap but works okay


I currently have the monitor connected to my laptop through a USB/VGA video card, which isn't the most optimal of conditions.  I bought it because it was one of the cheapest 23" LCD monitors out there today, and I guess as they say "you get what you paid for".  The image quality isn't bad, even though I'm not running it at 1080p, but the colors and contrast are off, and the controls to change the picture don't seem to do what I want it to.  First off, the contrast control functions just like a brightness control, and it doesn't appear that the contrast really changes.  Whites appear too bright on the monitor, and other colors are also skewed.  Other monitors are able to automatically adjust clock and phase settings, but this one can't and you have to do it manually, which is quite annoying.  Controls on the unit are also not very intuitive- for example the buttons to move up or down are not located next to each other but have a button in between.  The included speakers aren't too bad on it, the quality and volume are comparable to a USB-powered 2.0 speaker set.  I haven't tested out the HDMI or DVI inputs so I don't know if using those would make it much better.

San Francisco, CA


ASUS 23-inch LCD Monitor

4.4 5