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Dell LCD Monitor

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Great monitor


I purchases the Dell U2410 as a replacement to a Hanns-G 22" monitor that bit the dust.  When shopping for this monitor, there were a few things that I realized that I had to have.  Almost all 1080p monitors these days are 16x9 widescreen, and I immediately noticed how awkward it was to deal with that layout.  The U2410 is a throw-over from the 16x10 monitors; this was a major factor.  As a programmer, I spend large amounts of time in front of my screen as well.  It's very important to me to be comfortable while I'm working; the ergonomic features of this monitor are amazing.  The U2410's ability to adjust the height, tilt, and pivot the screen helps me immensely.  Cable management is easy and efficient as well. Just as important is the clarity of the screen.  The U2410 displays a wonderful image.  The IPS display projects accurate colors, and at least in my case, color uniformity is not an issue.  I highly recommend this monitor if you are shopping for a 16x10 screen.  It is best in class; well worth the price.

Westlake, OH


Great monitor!


This is my first wide screen monitor and I have to say it is pretty good, I upgraded from a 15 to a 17 to finally this monitor which shows the images very good. Sometimes it does get hot but most of the time it is fine. I got this computer which came with this monitor and I had dual monitors so that the monitors were perfect where as one was bigger than the other but I only had one monitor most of the time. This makes perfect HD when you have two of the same monitors next to each other. This monitor is a good investment as it has the ports which fits any type of connection that is present. Overall this monitor blends in good with the colors of my room and it doesn't hurt my eyes when I am using it. The monitor does not use that much power but I have to say it does use more power than some of the previous monitors that I have had. In the end, the item is very good and it is the monitor that I still use today and it gets the job done.

Pinole, CA


Beautiful display


I've had this monitor for over a year now, and I still love it.  It's a pleasure to use for photo editing, and the colors are extremely accurate.  For gaming, I see no motion blur or anything.  I would have no reservations recommending this product to someone else.

Billings, MT


My Dell ST2410 LCD Flat Panel Monitor, as good as it gets!


My Dell ST2410 24 inch LCD Flat Panel Monitor is awesome! I love this monitor! I watch movies, browse the Internet, view pictures, etc on this computer all the time and never have a problem with picture quality or clarity.  The picture is always clear and crisp, and my husband, who has problems with his vision has no problem reading documents on this computer, because there are no issues with reflective glare.  My daughter plays games on this computer, and she always comments on how pretty the pictures (in the games she plays) are.  My baby boy watches his learning DVDs with me and he loves it, and I'm not worried about his vision being affected negatively because there is no glare or background reflections on our screen.  About three weeks after using this monitor I saw a great deal my cousin posted on his FB page about HDMI cables, so I purchased them because the deal was too good to pass up, however I told him that I couldn't imagine my picture quality being any sharper than it already was, and to be honest after hooking up the HDMI cables, I saw no real difference.  The cables did not make  a difference in my opinion.  The picture is a good as it gets from the factory, hands down.  Of course with the large 24 inch screen everything is lovely! I love this monitor!

Miami, FL


Dell LCD Monitor

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