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LG 22 inch Flatron Widescreen LCD Monitor

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This is a great lcd monitor, if one is educated about it there are a variety of uses for it. it has 2 ports one that allows a normal computer to be connected to it and a dvi port. i personal use the dvi port to connect to my video game system. with the right adapters you could even turn it into a tv sort of. It is also and energy effecient monitor with a great display option. Display Quality great display online other monitors, one still has control over the settings and control as usualle. it is a great screen to watch movies, videos and play online games. it also eliminate the crowding to a webpage onto a small screen. Compatibility can work with virtually any desktop computer and you could probably hook up your laptop to this bigger screen if you buy the right cables. its is very easy to set up and use. it also great because its larger than conventional computer screen but no too large, and it is flat screen and very light. you should handle with care when moving it from one location to the other Ease of Use Like i stated previously easy to set up and use. you should not have any problem with this screen if taken care off.

Richmond, TX


Good monitor for the price


I bought this monitor about a month ago and have been very pleased.  I purchased it at best buy.  It was on clearance for 249 bucks.  For a 22" widescreen flat panel monitor, it was a deal i couldn't pass up.  Some of my games i play don't fit the screen without adjusting the resoultion.  That is the only downside to the monitor.  There is a bit of backlight when the computers starts up or its a black screen.  Its not untolerable and you don't even notice it after awhile.  I would recommend it to anybody.  My next TV will be an LG because of my experience with this monitor.

Beverly Hills, CA


Wonderful Monitor


I bought the LG Flatron W2253TQ monitor. I got it for a great price at HHGregg. I was shopping around for monitors something not to expensive something that will be good when I am playing games on my computer. The movies,game graphics are really sharp on this monitor compaired to some other ones I have seen around. The sensor touch is pretty cool as well. And teh lighting on it when you have the light on or off its neat how it knows what lighting it should be on (it adjusts itselfs to the lighting in your room). The 22" I had to get used to at first since I never had a monitor this big but its worth it.

Jacksonville, FL


A crisp and clear monitor for a refreshing price


I recently upgraded to an LG flatron monitor from my big clunky monitor. The picture is crisp and clear and is perfect for high intensive graphics such as computer games or movies. I use this monitor 6-8 hours every day and it is still as clear and colorful as the day I purchased it.  In addition to the quality, I compared the monitor to other comparable flat screen modules from competitors and found that the LG brand was one of the more affordable models for the size and clarity. If you want an affordable, long-lasting monitor, for graphic intense purposes the LG flatron is great!

Gresham, OR


LG 22 inch Flatron Widescreen LCD Monitor

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