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ViewSonic LCD Monitor

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lack of HDMI but nice monitor


Wonderful monitor but one major flaw is the lack of HDMI port. However, the integrated speakers are a bonus for this monitor. The design for this monitor is wonderful, glossy finish and simple design. Much customization on brightness, etc when looking into the menu screen. I have both my PC and xbox connected to this monitor, picture quality looks exquisite. The contrast really shows when playing high action games such as Call of duty. The fast refresh rate eliminates any lag so the game is seamless when playing. Acting as a computer monitor is great as well, the audio cable is provided so no additional speakers are needed. The responsive and vibrant monitor allows High quality videos and Blu-ray picture to look its best. The LED component of the monitor reduces energy consumption and is part of energy star. Sleek, simple, and simply wonderful, this monitor is a must have for casual users or gamers. 5 star rating. 

Hyattsville, MD


Great Monitor


This is a really good monitor for the price. The only thing that some people may be worried about is the fact that you cannot adjust the screen. I wouldn't worry too much about it though since the screen is great the way it is. As said in the description, the monitor is full HD 1080p. The monitor is also very bright and ultra thin. I haven't had any problems out of it as of yet. If your tech savvy then I would suggest getting two of these as opposed to going out and buying a 44 inch LED since they seem to be really expensive. Also, it shows a really good picture if your playing your Xbox 360 or PS3 on it. The last thing I want to mention is that it has no HDMI ports. You will have to go out and buy an DVI to HDMI cable if you want to hook it up via HDMI.

Columbus, OH


This monitor is OK


I bought this laptop perhaps a year ago and I still use it paired to my laptop. When I bought it the screen size seemed big but now it seems tiny compared to the 24 inches that are out there. I've received no dead pixels and it is an OK price now that its been a year later. It is good for document and basic computing but not that great of a viewing angle otherwise for stuff like movies. THe best thing about this monitor is the fact that it is an LED..however here are the cons: - small viewing area- the price- lack of connections- slightly ugly design? (matter of preference)- only a backlit LED meaning there are probably 2 major strips of LEDs in the back...so it is not a true LED. The true LED monitors would definitely not sell at this price- limited viewing angle For me the cons definitely outweight the pros. I would throw in a bit more money and get a better screen. The problem here is not the brand name it is the monitor.

San Jose, CA


Viewsonic Vx2250xm is great!


This is not my first ViewSonic monitor. I have owned previous models like VA721. However, one thing that stays constant is the quality that this brand delivers. I have had older models for years and they still work! I did want to upgrade to a larger screen with a higher resolution and more crispness. I felt that Vx2250wm was perfect for that and it was such a bargain! It is not exactly plug-and-play, but it was set-up very easily. Although it doesn't really affect me, there are speakers built in with the monitor. If you do not care for music or sound much, then, I guess these speakers will do. Otherwise, get some external speakers because these built-in will probably not suffice. This is definitely an upgrade over my older monitors. The picture is much more brighter and crisper as well due to it being LED and being 1080p. It is so unbelievably thin as well, so it is very aesthically pleasing. And I feel great about all of this because it is an energy saver! There is no plug-in piece. I absolutely love this monitor!

San Francisco, CA


Can't go wrong


I always build my own towers, and until recently I was using a 22" of another brand, and I was really happy with the old one because I didnt know any better.  Its still a great monitor but not compared to this one.  The clarity and crispness of picture is fantastic.  If you are a gamer like me and really wanna see your vid card pop, give this a shot, you cant go wrong.

Loretto, PA


Crisp and clear!


Love this widescreen I bought two of them very clear I don't have to be close to the screen I can see it nice sound like that the speaker is built in.I just wish my computer was up to date so I could enjoy the HD.

Brooklyn, NY


ViewSonic LCD Monitor

4.5 6