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Victorinox Super Tinker Swiss Army Knife

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They know what they're doing when making utility knives.


I always take this with me when going camping. Such a versitile tool in a small convenient package. Anybody who has gone camping knows there are always surprises even the best prepared overlooks. This collection of handy items will save your day more than once when you need a tool and don't want to improvise. You won't be sorry you own one of these.



I have a Swiss Army knife in my purse 24/7.


Victorinox is the originator of the Swiss Army knife as we know it and it's enjoyed a great reputation for years. I remember my mother always carrying a pocketknife in her purse when I was a child and its saving the day on more than one occasion. A few years ago, I decided it was past time for one to live in my purse and only a Swiss Army knife would do. I like the Super Tinker model because it includes the bells and whistles an average person needs on a daily basis. My particular model includes a small wood knife and I think that's the only blade I haven't used in 5-6 years. These are just tough little knives with a multitude of uses. I've used the scissors to cut everything from a string to a dangling shred of skin (blades were sanitized first, of course). The mini screwdrivers aren't all that deadly but they are useful when swapping out a computer hard drive when your electronics drivers are 120 miles away. To all the women reading this, Swiss Army knives aren't just for the boys. They're relatively light and take up little space in your purse. Imagine how impressed the men in your life will be when you pull one out and say, "Just clean the blade before you return it, dear."

Kilmarnock, VA


Very good army knife


This is a very good army knife. It is durable, as I have had it for over two years. The knife includes many tools, such as scissors, blades, can openers and tweezers. The price was very good, as was the quality. The main cons, like the main cons of most other multi-tools, is the difficulty to pull each one out, and that none of the blades lock in place, which can cause accidents or having to take the tool out again. I liked the tweezer, as it was the easist to pull out. The swiss army knife is good for utility purposes, and for other uses. I have used mine for several purposes, such as taking apart and construction, and it still operates perfectly. The knife would not be good for self defense, as it can not be pulled out easily, and can easiy be pushed back into the knife, cutting your fingers or making you need to pull it out again. I would recommend this to someone who wants a high quality multitool with many tools within.

Chicago, IL


Victorinox Super Tinker Swiss Army Knife

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