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Coleman Cool Zephyr Window Fan

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Tent fan that's out of the way.


The Cool Zephyr Window Fan is my choice for best tent fan.  I have used the Cool Zephyr Ceiling Fan With Light (reviewed separately), and that's a decent fan. Now let me tell you why this one's better. 1. The window fan doesn't take up head-room. This is relevant  for head-bonkin' reasons, and for gear storage. If you are planning to use a gear-loft/tent-attic the  ceiling fan may get in the way. 2. It mounts on the window mesh of the tent, this keeps it out of the way, and it brings in fresh air. The ceiling fan may bring in fresh air, but I wouldn't count on it unless it's right under open mesh. 3. It's aim-able. You can pick which window to mount it in, and where in the window to mount it. This gives you some control over where it's blowing- like on you or not. 4. It can stand alone. It has a built in stand that can be use to place the fan elsewhere, like on a picnic table. 5. Air volume. This is purely subjective, but I think the window fan moves more air. There a couple things that are better about the ceiling fan. The ceiling fan uses 4D batteries that last 24-48 hours, while the window fan uses 6D batteries that last 20-40 hours. I've never run the batteries out, those are quoted figures, but they seem reasonable considering #5 above. The ceiling fan also has a light. An overhead light is a very nice thing to have in a tent, but I think the fan factors outweigh it.I recommend getting the window fan, and find another source for light, or get both.

Marietta, GA


A cooling night light


For  anyone who's  looking  for  that  extra  bit  of  comfort  while  out  camping,  this  is  it.   I  laughed  when  I got  it  for  Christmas  one  year.  That  next  summer  I  was  laughing  at  others  who  didn't  have  one.  We  keep  the  fan  on  during  the  day  if  the  weather  is  hot.  It's  also  on  all  night  to  keep  the  air  moving  on  those warm  humid  nights.  The  two  setting  night  light  is invaluable.  There  is  enough  light  on  the  high  setting  to  do  everything  you  need  to  when  getting  ready  to  climb  inside  the sleeping  bags.   It  also  isn't  too  bright  so  that  there  are silouettes  when  someone  is  changing  at night.   The orange  night  light  is  good  for  kids  that  may  be  a  liittle  scared  at night.  That  light  is  enough  that  someone  can  get  to  sleep  without  a  bright  light  keeping  them  awake  at night.   But  it's  enough  to  keep  the kiddies quiet. 

Salem, OR


Coleman Cool Zephyr Window Fan

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