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Tecnu Oak & Ivy Cleanser

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I love this product, won't be without it.


I found it about 15 years ago and will not be without it. When we moved into our house the yard had a problem with poison ivy. I reacted and found Tecnu. Now I use it if I'm going to be in the yard and I turned our yard care guy on to it as well.

Kansas City, MO


What kind of leaf is this? Oh my!


Tec-Nu Oak and Ivy can be a lifesaver. Whether you accidentally got into some bad plants, or want a little prevention, it can keep you from itching. The best way to avoid the itch is, of course, to learn to identify and avoid poison ivy and poison oak. This is the next best thing.When you realize that you've come in contact with poison ivy or oak, you just rub this stuff on for a minute, hopefully before a reaction starts. After the rubbing, rinse it off, and you are trouble free. If you start having a reaction before treatment, the procedure is a lot more trouble, but the Oak and Ivy can still help.When I don't have my regular preemptive strike (Benadryl Itch Relief Spray) on hand, on coat my exposed skin with the Oak and Ivy if I'm expecting to get exposed. It works decently at preventing an outbreak.If you get into the poison ivy this summer, you'll be glad you've got it.

Marietta, GA


Tecnu Helps With Poison Ivy


I usually never react to poison ivy, but this past fall, I broke out horribly all over my hands and arms. I did everything you are supposed to do - washed all bedding and clothes in hot water, used both oral and topical allergy medications, and stopped exposing myself to the poisonous plant (after I figured out where I was getting it from). I have two small sons who always want to be held, so I had to keep the blisters covered as well. A friend at work turned me onto Tecnu, the original outdoor skin cleanser. It is supposed to remove poison oak and ivy oils that cause rash and itching, stop irritant from spreading, and decontaminate laundry and tools. I was having problems with all of these things, so I decided to give it a try. You are actually supposed to use it within two hours of exposure and before a rash even occurs, but I started using it a couple days after a rash occured. I still applied it to the rash and the entire area surrounding it. It really cleared it up right away. I had to reapply a couple of times, but using this is what started me on the road to recovery!

Oregon, IL


A great cleanser for any outdoor enthusiast


If you spend time out in nature, whether it be for work or play, you should definitely keep a bottle of Tecnu Oak and Ivy Cleanser nearby.  I spend a lot of time working outdoors and came across a lot of poison ivy.  Someone at work told me about Tecnu Cleaser.  I will forever keep some of this stuff on hand.  You can use it immediately if you've come in contact with poison oak or ivy and it will prevent a rash. Or you can use it when you get home in the shower and it will also help to preven a rash.  It also helps to remove the oils after the rash breaks out.  Use this along with their Ivy spray to get rid of a rash that has already broken out.  I recommend this to anyone who encounters poison ivy, especially if you are highly allergic to it like me.  Give it a try, I guarantee you will like it.  The only thing it doesn't do is tell you when you've come in contact with the poison oak or ivy! 

Trenton, NJ


Tecnu Oak & Ivy Cleanser

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