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Hobie Mirage Revolution Kayak

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Seriously FUN!


I do not even know where to start gushing about the mirage drive system for this kayak. It is fast, speedy fast! It is so easy to take off around our lake and not have to worry about paddling. The only problem with this style of kayak is that it takes longer to get where you are going because people want to know how it works, they want to try it out and then they want to know where to buy one. Sure, it is expensive but the mirage drive is worth it. When my son was six years old he could launch it on his own and pedal around our side of the lake. My husband did have to set the gear so that the span was smaller, as in longer legs can extend further than his could and moving the pins ensured that his maximum range was significantly smaller while not slowing him down. It is kind of hard to explain but suffice it to say that anyone can maneuver this kayak. We also have a tandem, I see another mirage in our future so that all four of us can cruise around the lake together.



Extremely fun and versatile.


I first bought the Hobie tandem kayak for both my boys at Christmas one year. My oldest quickly decided that it was too wide and heavy and did not cut through the water fast enough. He saved his money and purchased the Hobie Revolution for himself. He has outfitted it with a fish finder, and a bait tank and rod holders. I have to say that it certainly gets its use. He goes out at least once a week with it. He takes it out through the surf and fishes the ocean. He takes it out in the bay. He takes it to lakes. He loves it. It keeps him out of trouble. It even has enough room that he puts his little brother on the back where the bait tank would  be attached and takes him out fishing too. The mirage drive is the best. I go out on this kayak and just love it. I don't fish from it, but I enjoy just tooling around the bay. It is so easy to go fast. Really fast. Last weekend my youngest had his Hobie Cat (sailboat) out in light wind and my oldest was keeping up with him in the kayak. The only problems we have had is that the mirage drive has had a few problems, but Hobie has taken care of any problems under the warranty. The newer model, I believe, has an improved mirage drive. 

San Diego, CA


Hobie Mirage Revolution Kayak

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