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The Firm Slim Solutions Yoga Workout

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Nice 30 minute beginner yoga


This is a good DVD for beginners. 30 minutes in length, the DVD is led by Master Instructor Allie. Production quality and music quality are top-notch. The Firm always produces perfect, high quality DVD's. Allie and her two back-up exercisers are in perfect sync.. One exerciser, Tina, performs the beginner medications. Allie is a perfect instructor, calming, encouraging, and non-intimidating. She frequently reminds you to check in with your breath and practice your yoga breathing. She also provides lots of tips to help you practice each pose correctly and with proper form. Lots of do's and don'ts, which I found helpful. This yoga workout is (for the most part) non-strenuous. The yoga strap and brick help with stretching and provide help with beginner modifications as well. You get to stretch your body from head to toe, slowly and thoroughly. Both sitting, standing, and lying poses are taught. You won't need any yoga experience to participate in this workout. It is geared towards beginners. An experienced yogi might find this workout too simple. But, as a moderate and/or intermediate practicer, I enjoy it. And I feel great afterwards.



The Firm always has great workouts!


I have been using The Firm for awhile now and I am really pleased with the results. The work outs are fun and easy to follow along with. I really feel the difference after watching the DVDs. The trainers are upbeat and not cheesy.  I look forward to buying many more.

Manhattan, MT


Amazing for getting your body toned


The Firm Slim Solutions Yoga Workout is an amazing program, its one of the best excercises for women that are pregnant; such as i am. It not only helps get your body back into shape and gives it a nice tone; it's relaxing for the baby as well as yourself. I've read reviews in magazines and online about how yoga and pilates are amazing for child birth. I would recommend this to any woman wanting to get in shape, and if your pregnant and haven't excercised before; beginners yoga is amazing.

Miami, OK


Great, easy workout for beginners- that works


I purchased this as a beginner to yoga and a bit skeptical. It arrived, a pink non slip yoga mat, purple foam brick, purple strap and 30minute dvd. I was actually looking for a new mat to do pilates on, the price was right for thi skit and the mat was included so I figured why not?I have been doing this for three weeks now 3-4 timesa week and I couldn't be happier. It was easy to stay along and the proper posture was easy to do. The  poses are very simple yet very effective.  My flexibility has greatly incresed and while I haven't lost more than 3-4 pounds I fit into a size smaller and I feel skinnier. The brick and strap were extremely helpful to help hold poses and certainly made it easier on me the first few times, lol. I liked it so much I ordered 3 more kits for gifts.

Canastota, NY


The Firm Slim Solutions Yoga Workout

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