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Tangee Natural Lipstick

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Before mood lipsticks, there was Tangee.


I may be a bit young for Tangee Natural Lipstick's original run. I think I first heard of it in Harper Lee's book "To Kill a Mockingbird," where the narrator describes the church ladies at an afternoon tea and says the only lipstick she saw was Tangee Natural. This meant of course that I had to find it, if only out of curiosity, but it was almost 25 years before I found it in the Vermont Country Store catalog--the only place I know which carried it. By this time mood lipsticks had become something of a norm, at least among girls and people looking either for novelty or something cheap. The mood lipsticks were never really pretty; usually they were a sick shade of green or neon blue that changed to an equally garish pink or magenta and none looked natural. I was curious about Tangee Natural Lipstick anyway and put in my order. I got this creamsicle-orange stick that made me nervous--my complexion does not do well with warm tones! Imagine the surprise when it went on smoothly and turned a gentle cool rose after a moment on the lips. The shade stayed true without bleeding, fading, or turning into something that doesn't mix well with my own coloring. This is a perfect lipstick for young ladies just breaking into cosmetics, whose mothers don't want their girls going out with too much makeup or gaudy colors. It's a good natural, neutral thing to wear when you don't want to look made up. Tangee Natural Lipstick is an improvement over mood lipstick, decades before mood lipsticks hit the market.

Buffalo, NY


Tangee Natural Lipstick

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