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Prescriptives lipstick

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I like the color it changes to


The ph lipstick that changes shades according to your ph is awesome. It starts out clear and then changes. The first time I put it on it turned hot pink within 60 seconds, then the following day I wore it and it turns a toned down pink tone. It is really neat how it changes colors and I looks at my soda can after drinking and no shade was on the rim. I was amazed! It also did not dry out my lips like many other products that I have tried. I would recommend this lipstick to others for sure.

Ambler, PA


Prescriptive Lipsticks - Not Your Drugstore Brand!


I am reminded that I love Prescriptives every time I put this lipstick on. Prescriptives lipstick is the classic staple line for me because the colors never disappoint me. The lipsticks go on creamy, never dry out, and they always have fabulous new shades. My favorite is  "Autumn Sun," which is a cream based, the color is a  medium brownish red.  It is  moisturizing but doesn't disappear like a lot of creamy lipsticks do.   For evening, one of my favorites is Lipshine color "Sunkissed" tawny reddish brown with alittle shimmer, alittle more dressier than the daytime version. The Prescriptive Counter at my local department store is great at matching colors to your skin tone, whether it's foundation, lipstick or one of their many lotions and creams. Prescriptives may cost a little more than the drugstore brands but you can definitely tell the difference.  I reccomend a trip to their counter!

Riverside, RI


I refused to ever wear lipstick, until I found Prescriptives


I'm the kind of gal who wears foundation, blush eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara, and that's about it. I absolutely refused to ever wear lipstick. Every lipstick I've ever tried on made me look like a clown, and believe me I've tried on a lot of lipsticks, mostly from my mother convinced to get me to wear lipstick. She finally converted me to lipstick when she recommended me to Prescriptives. The salesperson for Prescriptives put on a few colors and I was pleased, surprisingly. She knew exactly which colors to use to blend in with my face. I ended up buy a stick of lipstick and I still use it. The one I use is Wisteria Cream. It is a shimmering light pink color. It isn't a color that sticks out, but you can still see it. I like it because it blends in well with my skin tone. I sure am glad my mother recommended their lipsticks to me, because now I know where to go when I need to buy more lipstick. It's a shame Prescriptives closed down their stores. At least you can buy their products online though. I need to stock up on their lipstick!

Lockport, LA


Prescriptives lipstick

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