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Nars Nars Lipstick - Scarlet Empress

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Sexy Temptress - Lips that Look Luscious


Nars has the best lipstick around. The colors are current and beautiful. Scarlet Empress looks stunning on everyone....it is a classic no matter what your age or skin tone. If you are going to carry anything on your face or in your make-up bag....it has got to be Nars - Scarlet Empress.

Dallas, TX


Worth every penny!


First let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of Nars products! They are definitely more than drugstore products but they are worth every penny. So when I decided to finally try my hand at matte lipsticks I decided I would go full force and try invest in Nars which had really good reviews and was (obviously) a brand that I was both familiar with and loved. I am glad I tried this because this stuff is amazing! I had read that a lot of matte lipsticks can dry out your lips, which was the number one complaint. Nars Matte lipstick goes on smoothly and does not dry out your lips at all. It definitely feels different than regular lipstick but not in a bad way at all. I love love love how rich the color is. One thing that is not exactly my favorite is that this stuff does not stay on too terribly long. I get a couple of hours tops from this stuff before I need to reapply. If I don't it tends to wear away at all but around my lips leaving me looking like I put on dark lipliner and no lipstick, not a cute look.

Gresham, OR


Love to shop


I have actually tried this one before. It's something like Vincent Longo's lip sheens. It's very smooth, and goes on like satin. The color starts faint but leaves the most amazingly beautiful sheen and protects against sun damage. It's really got an amazing consitency to it. So I highly recommend it. It's really weightless too, not at all oily and lasts a good six hours before needing to reapply and even then it usually looks fairly good. It's well worth the price and I think it's a must have in any girl's purse. Simply divine. I just love it when I can have my brown colors with a virtually lighter than air feel. My friends and I love it and I must have bought it at least twenty times in the past four years. I don't exactly swear by it, but I do think that girls can benefit from it, and it helps that this line comes with a wide array of colors, though the browns are really the best ones. Not that reds and pinks aren't great too.

Southold, NY


nars products ROCK


This lipstick was so much more than i was expecting. I was looking for a dark lipstick that didnt make my teeth look so yellow , and it was a huge success. It was a bit pricey , but definately worth it. Wonderful quality. I got it at the store sephora, and thankfully they were having a big sale. This was a good lipstick for going out, i got complimented alot on my lipstick all through out the night, and i went clubbing and it stayed on. I was throughly impressed, I gotta admit i was nervous getting such a dark color but it was worth it . I have light brown hair and blue eyes, so its difficult to find makeup tht doesnt look horrible on me, but this one i would gladly spend full price on it. I would recommend this to all my friends and absolutely ANYBODY. You can't go wrong with this color , not particularly for the day time. But if u want to go clubbing or a date to the movies, this is gonna be perfect for you.

Naples, FL


Nars Nars Lipstick - Scarlet Empress

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