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Clarins Le Rouge

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Lasts forever!


I wore this lipstick for a costume party I went to, it was given to me by a friend who accidentally purchased the wrong color. It was totally something I was lucky to get, because now I wear it all the time. It has very smooth color, very vibrant, and it stays. Most lipsticks I try tend to smear off or come off on everything (cigarettes, cups, etc) but with a good top layer (chapstick or something), Clarins lasts for quite a while. I've got plenty of compliments on my luscious lips since wearing it, it looks very 'natural' for an unnatural color. Almost like a lip stain. The biggest complaint I have with it is the price. This tube I got as a gift, so it was no problem at all. But I'm dreading the day when it runs out and I have to buy more. My budget doesn't really allot for expensive lipsticks, especially when I never even wore it before getting this product. But while it's around, I'm definitely enjoying it.

Richmond, VA


amazing product


Okay ladies if you wish to pamper your lips and have a little extra money with which to spoil yourself then this is definitely the lipstick for you! Clarins Lipsticks are available in a  variety of colors. They are available at several different stores and of course on the internet. They are available at many department stores at the local shopping malls. This product is high quality and it comes with an expensive price tag when it comes to lipsticks. It is easy to apply and you  will love the luxurious feel of the Clarins lipstick as it glides over your lips. IT does not feather nor does it bleed. You will get great, long lasting coverage with this lipstick. You can eat and drink and pepper your favorite someone with kisses without the product smearing and smudging all over the place. The lipstick has moisturizers that will leave your lips soft, silky, and hydrated. I definitely recommend this product to any woman that wants a finished edge to her make-up routine.

Lancaster, NY


Amazing product


I hope this is the right product - Rouge Prodige Lipstick. It was the only lipstick Clarins had on their website and the only lipstick viewpoints had on their site. How have more people not reviewed this! It is AMAZING!!! Wow. I got sent a sample, I normally use natural lipsticks although have tried drugstore brands too. I tried clinique too. Now because I tried this in a sample it was in a pot type of container and so the application makes it seem a little different than when you apply it as a stick - I have tried lots of samples and the stick versions go on different. The colors are luscious. I didn't match any that I was given GREAT but I think the ones they chose are great. Very berry-ish. The raspberry sorbet is very much its name. It DOES get sticky that is my one caveat, but it it probably hard to be a gloss, pigment and lipstick in one and last as long as it does without doing something like that. I have not tried it with gloss, that usually makes my lipstick wear off faster, unless my lipgloss is really rich, so I do not know if that would help or not. I might actually consider buying this but I do wish it were natural of course!

East Lansing, MI


Clarins Le Rouge

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