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Spring Valley
Spring Valley Natural Calcium with Vitamin D - Twin Pack

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Great Product


My doctor put me on vitamin D tablets almost a year ago. All this time I have been trying to find something that worked well for me. This included over the counter prescriptions. I finally found that one product that works. If I had to say there was anything that I did not like about this particular product it would be the size of the tablets. That is only because I hate taking large pills.



Spring Valley Natural Calcium - a Twin Pack value


Has your doctor recommended that you take Calcium with Vitamin D?  I've been taking Calcium with Vitamin D for years and have relied on Spring Valley Natural Calcium with Vitamin D.  I purchase it in the Twin Pack for an even greater value. There are two bottles in a Twin Pack and 250 tablets per bottle.  Each tablet contains 600 mg of Calcium (calcium carbonate which is less expensive and just as effective) and 400 IU of Vitamin D (promotes calcium absorption).  Recommended dosage is two tablets per day; but check with your physician for your correct dosage.  Even if you are on medication for osteoporosis you still need sufficient calcium with vitamin D to prevent your body from taking needed calcium from your bones.  Again, check with your physician.  Calcium with Vitamin D may help prevent osteoporosis.  As we age, it is believed that the skin loses some of its efficiency in converting sunlight to Vitamin D.  The addition of Vitamin D to the Calcium should help in that respect which, in turn, will aid in the absorption and retention of calcium. Spring Valley also produces many other vitamin, herbal and dietary supplements. I make no health claims for this supplement; and be sure to check with your physician as to what is right for you.  You may want to give Spring Valley Natural Calcium with Vitamin D a try!

Madison, OH


Spring Valley Natural Calcium with Vitamin D - Twin Pack

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