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PhytoPharmica Probiotic Pearls

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Wonderful product


I used these probiotic pearls while taking a full body cleanse two years ago after my son was born. Probiotics are essential for a healthy digestive system and a healthy digestive system is essential for overall health. These pearls helped to replace the good bacteria or probiotics that the cleanse wiped out. I love the pearls because they were so incredibly easy to take. Anyone can take these because they are so small. They still have a lot of good bacteria in them even with being so small. They are also wonderful for taking along with antibiotics to again replace the good bacteria your digestive system needs. I would definitely recommend these probiotic pearls to anyone wanting good overall health through an overall healthy digestive system, needing to replace good bacteria due to antibiotic use or a cleanse, and anyone that has an issue with big pills.



Tummy is flatter!


I tried many probiotics over the years and most of it was with little result but lots of money.  These cost a fair amount but are still less than most probiotics on the market.   I have IBS as well as Candida issues.  My stomach was always a little round. After a week of using 2 pearls a day it shrunk down in a way I had no idea my tummy was capable of.  Not to mention it helped the entire digestion process.   My acupuncturist was selling them but she said I could also find them at Whole Foods which I did.  They are in a small blue box but I'd just save time and ask some one.

Austin, TX


Pearls wasn't what I expected...hoped for more.


I would like to consider myself a healthy individual. I eat a healthy and balanced diet, including juicing and exercise. I am 5' 8" 125 pds. I am a participant of many pageants and have held many titles. My figure is important in this venture alone. I have never been regular. I have tried Activia in the past and it seemed to help. When I heard of Pearls I did some research and checked websites and blogs to see what others had experienced using this product. Cost being higher than expected, I was not put off, as I am willing to do anything that might benefit my health. It has been two weeks and I am not regular. Not to mention I am feeling abdominal bloating, and I am somewhat gassy so to speak. I read so many great experiences, that I was looking forward to having my own success through Pearls. I suppose I should try something else. My husband tells me to stick with it, and maybe it will work itself out. I am going to take his advice, however so far I am not amused.

Avon, IN


Probioic Pearls great for travelling


Probiotic Pearls are great for travelling, because they are so small and easy to pack, and the enteric-coated pearls need no refrigeration to keep the beneficial bacteria at maximum potential.  I've found that if I start taking Probiotic Pearls a week or so before travelling to places where the local water or food might give me the runs, the Probiotic Pearls help to avoid Delhi Belly or Montezuma's Revenge.  It's also a good idea to take Probiotic Pearls after taking antibiotic medications, to help re-populate the intestinal tract with benefixial bacteria.  

New York, NY


The more beneficial bactria it contains, the better the product.


Probiotics in general is very helpful for our health: As we know, our stomach has good bacteria and bad bacteria.  Increasing the number and varieties of good bacteria (microorganisms) will improve our overall health; especially digestion and immune health.  Therefore, probiotics can balance our intestinal flora and thus healthy bowl function and reduce obesity by reducing belly fat.  Probiotics assists us to build immunity to sickness, especially digestion related problems.  The number of beneficial bacteria determines its effectiveness.  Therefore, when we are comparing products, look at the back of the bottle to ascertain the number and kinds of beneficial bacteria in the product label.  Since, these products contain live bacteria, it is also important to check the expiration date.  The fresher the product, the better the product.  These products may range from several hundred live beneficial bacteria to several billions (60 billion).  Some of them have only one or two strains of beneficial bacteria and some others may have six or seven effective strains.  If you don't want to buy probiotics, you might start with an organic cup of yogurt which has few milk related beneficial bacteria.  I am a true believer of the effectiveness of probiotics.

Elizabethtown, KY


PhytoPharmica Probiotic Pearls

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